In order to ensure proper payment on all monthly charges the following financial terms will go into effect over the next month:

  1. Upon registering for the program you will be given a two week trial period.  After this two week period you are financially responsible for all training dues for the rest of the season.  If you drop out of the program after the two week trial period you will still be required to fullfill your financial obligation until the end of the season.  Please remember that you are reserving a spot in a practice group that does not have unlimited registrations.  By registering for the team you are registering for that spot, we do not allow payment based on the number of practices you attended or the amount of time you are in the program. 
  2. Additional costs associated with the program: all swimmers must have a USA Swimming registration.  The team processes this registration but you will be charged $57 per swimmer.  This is a yearly fee.  Also, any meets you attend require payment per event.  You will be billed monthly for the meets you enter.
  3. Any account that has a balance of any kind on the 10th of each month will be assessed a $15 delinquency fee.  This will begin in February, 2010. 
  4. Any account that has a balance as of the 20th of each month will result in all swimmers on that account being pulled from any and all team activities, including practices and meets.  This gives you one month from the day the invoices are run to pay your bill.  If meet entries have been sent in you will still be responsible for paying these fees even if your child is pulled from the meet.  This will begin on January 20th, 2010.
  5. Any account currently on the automatic billing plan who wishes to come off of this plan at this time may do so by logging into your account and removing your credit card information.  You will be required to adhere to the payment deadlines as everyone else.  If you remain on the automatic payment system and, for any reason, your transaction is declined on the 1st of the month you must make payment by check or money order by the 10th to avoid the late payment fee.
  6. All accounts will be required, for the 2010-2011 season beginning in September, to adhere to the financial agreement as it pertains to billing.  You will either have to pay in full by September 15th or submit your credit card or bank information for automatic payments.  Please begin preparing for this now.  Anyone who does not want to adhere to these standards cannot be members of this program.

Please understand that we do not want to assess any account the $15 fee for carrying a balance after the 10th of each month.  We do not want the money; we want this to be a deterrent to not paying the monthly bill on time.  However we will take the necessary steps to hold each family accountable for the fees set forth for the program and bring everyone to a level playing field when it comes to financial obligations.

We understand that this is a trying economic time for everyone.  If, for financial reasons, you are not going to be able to adhere to this program’s financial requirements please let us know as soon as possible.  We will do everything we can to help you keep your children in this program provided it is fair to all team members and families.  However we cannot help you do this if you do not bring it to my attention directly and immediately.  Simply not paying your bill cannot be the way this information gets back to us.  Meet entry fees, however, ALWAYS need to be paid on time.