Lancaster Aquatic Club is a parent-run organization that relies upon the involvement of our member families to help our swimmers achieve success. That means that we will need your help several times throughout the season.

During the 2022 - 2023 season, potential meets include:

  • Intrasquad Meet  (September 25)
  • October Meet (October 8-9)
  • Tri Meet with HAC and KA (date TBD)
  • Arena Holiday Cup (December)
  • Arena Classic (July)

What are the volunteer requirements?

For the 2022-2023 swim season each Lancaster Aquatic Club member family will required to work a total of no less than 8 sessions at LAC-hosted invitational meets if your swimmer participates on the team for the short course plus long course seasons and no less that 6 sessions if your swimmer participates on the team for the short course season only. Those volunteer sessions must be spread across a minimum of 2 meets.

An opt-out fee of $800 for full season or $600 for short course will be available if you are unable or unwilling to volunteer.

**Novice clinic swimmers are exempt from the volunteer commitment unless your swimmer participates in one of the LAC hosted meets.  IF yous swimmer participates in an LAC hosted meet, you will be required to volunteer for 1 session or pay a fee of $100.00.

What kind of volunteer jobs count towards my commitment?

It takes a lot of people to host a meet, so there are plenty of choices available from setup and teardown to officiating, working safety, or timing. Keep your eye out for emails asking for volunteer signups.

Does the LAC-hosted intrasquad meet count towards my commitment?

YES - voliunteering at the intrasquad meet will count towards your volunteer requirement.  If your child is participating in the intrasquad meet, you will be expected to volunteer at the meet.  The purpose of the intrasquad meet is two-fold: to expose swimmers to how a USA Swimming meet runs and to help parents understand the different volunteer positions available to them. 

What happens if I don't fulfill my commitment?

If you are unwilling or unable to fulfill your volunteer commitment, your account will be billed $100 per session for each incomplete session. These fees will be invoiced at the end of the season or upon member termination, whichever comes first. Families whose swimmer(s) elect to terminate their membership prior to November 15, 2019 will have their volunteer commitment waived. 

Are members of the Board of Directors exempt from the volunteer commitment?

No. We need every volunteer we can get to run these meets and expect our Board members to put in the same number of volunteer sessions at meets as we expect from everyone else. In fact, the members of the Board of Directors do not receive any incentives - financial or otherwise - for their service. They do it simply because they love the team. 

Can I do more than the minimum?

Absolutely! Volunteering at meets is a great way to get to know other parents, learn more about the sport, support your children, and often get a ?front row? view of the action. We have a tight knit community of volunteers that truly enjoy the time they spend volunteering at LAC. We invite you to join us!!!

Volunteering at non-LAC meets?

Many times the teams hosting meets we attend need some help too, usually in the form of timers and officials. If you are attending a meet and the host team requires LAC to provide timers, please be prepared to help out.

How else can I help out?

If you're interested in doing more, you may want to consider joining the Board of Directors, becoming an official, or joining a committee.