About Lancaster Aquatic Club


Lancaster Aquatic Club (LAC) is a non-profit, tax exempt competitive swim club, whose purpose is to train athletes to compete at the highest level of individual ability.  LAC promotes the culture of swimming by creating safe and healthy opportunities for athletes and coaches of all backgrounds. LAC represents a tradition of demonstrating swimming excellence through Leadership, Achievement, and Commitment.

Begun in 1954, LAC has a rich tradition of swimming excellence. LAC has had national and world ranked swimmers for over 60 years, and the tradition continues today.

See the difference the LAC year round swimming program makes with your swimmer. Our coaching philosophy is simple: provide a dynamic, positive, and hands-on training atmosphere where swimmers can improve their performance through progressive conditioning and stroke technique proficiency.

The LAC program encompasses all age groups of USS swimming and is dedicated to doing everything possible to help the athlete, no matter what level, achieve his or her maximum potential. Our club goal is to promote the sport of swimming in a healthy and positive atmosphere while offering swimmers the opportunity to succeed at the highest level of competition, athletically, academically and personally.

We sincerely hope that the training and competitive experience that each swimmer receives at LAC will provide the individual athlete with a sense of accomplishment and work ethic that will enhance their future endeavors.

Following in the LAC tradition of competitive swimming, in the last 20 years, we have produced an Olympian, a National High School record holder, 12 Senior National Qualifiers, 5 Olympic Trials Qualifiers, 80+ District and 60+ State qualifiers, 20 winter and Summer Zone All Star Team Qualifiers and multiple PIAA State Champions.

Many LAC swimmers have gone on to earn full and partial scholarships from such prestigious universities as The University of Georgia, North Carolina, Clemson, Penn State, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Towson, Dartmouth, Princeton, The United States Naval Academy and The United States Air Force Academy to name just a few. Season after season, we have our swimmers named Scholastic All Americans by USS.

Who owns and operates Lancaster Aquatic Club? The members of the club own LAC. The club is run by a completely volunteer board of directors consisting of 10 members that are parents of active swimmers. The term of a board member varies, but most board members serve an average of 4 years. Any club member is welcome to attend board meetings or request to be considered for a seat on the board. Our board provides support for the coaching staff, handles the business and make decisions that are necessary to carry out club operations, and plans for the future. Decisions regarding the swimming side of the club are made by the head coach. The coach’s latitude of decision making is determined by the board.