The History of LAC


LAC was originally created in 1953 and was called the Lancaster YMCA Aquatic Club. The team competed in the Labor Day Kipona Swim, held in the Susquehanna River! (no records were kept due to changing river conditions from year to year!).  Our club was made up of only female swimmers until 1965. We had a club mascot, a stuffed toy poodle called "Aqua Vitae" and practiced at 5 different locations (hear that parents?) before Golden Meadows was built and became our home in 1966.


LAC continued it’s winning tradition through the ’70s, with the girls 15-17-year-old relay team ranking first in the nation. (former Assistant Coach Betty Lou Windstein was a member of that team!).  Team records from the ’70s fall in the ’80s as incoming swimmers begin their careers as 8 and unders!


LAC becomes a team of more than 120 swimmers in the ’90s and continues to excel and produce swimmers who are competitive at the regional and national level.  Our very own Coach Casey Coble is an LAC Swimmer in the 1990s.


In the 2000’s Head Coach Casey Coble competed at the Olympic Trials and Kyle Salyards competed on the 2000 US Olympic Team.  In 2008 the team moved from the Golden Meadow's Facility to our new home a the Phoenix Academy. During that time the team drops to approximately 65 swimmers but continues to excel in competition.  


In 2016 Franklin & Marshall becomes our new home and between 2016 and 2018, our team grows to 140 swimmers.  In the 2019 season, we have an incredible season which includes more than 25 team records being broken in a single season.  Some records dated back to the late 70’s. We also sent 15 swimmers to Sectionals at Virginia Tech where the women placed 10th, the men placed 6th, and combined took 7th place.  We had 2 swimmers qualify for Winter Junior Nationals in Greensboro, NC, 6 qualify for Winter Zones where 17 swimmers medaled (top 8), the women placed 10th, and we had 1 event champion.  We also had 3 Futures, 1 Summer Junior Nationals, and 3 Summer Zones qualifiers.


We were able to send 36 swimmers to UNC-Chapel Hill for the NCAC Meet on the Hill.  This was the most we have ever had qualify for this meet and it was a great opportunity for our swimmers to compete against swimmers from another region, including some collegiate swimmers and Olympic qualifiers.  We also had the opportunity to send 9 of our top swimmers to Mission Viejo, CA to the Fran Crippen Swim Meet of Champions. They were able to share the pool with top swimmers like Caleb Dressel and one of our swimmers qualified for semifinals (top 16 swimmers).