Can my swimmer train with your club during the summer?

Suburban Seahawks Club would love to welcome new swimmers to our team. We are often asked if a swimmer can train with us during the summer or throughout the winter while belonging to another USA Swimming program. This is more often requested in the summer at our long course location. Unfortunately this request has forced us to post our policy effective August 2019 about changing your team registration ID.

Can my swimmer train with Suburban?

Absolutely. After your swimmer has an evaluation with our team and we determine space, your swimmer is welcome to join Suburban.

Do I have to transfer my USA Swimming ID to Suburban?

All swimmers must file a transfer form with Middle Atlantic before they attend their first practice at Suburban Swim Center, Hidden Hollow or Swarthmore if they are  planning to guest swim for more than two weeks. This does not include a shadow practice.

Can I go back to my home club after I guest swim?

Absolutely, all you need to do is contact Middle Atlantic again and transfer back once you are done training with Suburban.

Why can't I keep my ID with my old club and train with Suburban?

A swimmer is protected under the insurance umbrella of USA Swimming at practices and meets with the team to which the swimmer is registered. Coverage is extended to swimmers when they make occasional visits to other clubs, due to travel, etc. When you train with another club for an extended period of time the coverage is not provided.

What is our Philosophy.......?

We don't feel we should be training a swimmer who is registered with another club. We want to see SSC listed next to that swimmer when they have a fantastic swim or achieves amazing milestones.