Our Swim School is program is broken into three groups beginning with our Dolphins, then Barracudas and Sharks. 


The Dolphin group is for the very beginner swimmer who is working on getting comfortable in the water in the hope of putting their face in the water.

We will work on helping your beginner swimmer become comfortable enough in the water so they will want to learn the skills needed to swim.  We do this by keeping our swimmer to coach ratio at 2:1.  We feel a low swimmer to coach ratio helps your swimmer feel safe and comfortable in the water.  The coaches will be in the water at all times with the swimmers.

We will work on blowing bubbles, bobs, floating and jumping off the side of the pool with the assistance of a coach and putting their face in the water.

All Dolphins must be potty trained.



The Barracudas are comfortable putting their face in the water.

There are two groups within the Barracudas, the Beginner Barracudas and the Advanced Barracudas.

The Beginner Barracudas are working on bobs, floating on the front and back with some assistance, kicking on a kick board, and introduction to catch-up drill which is freestyle with a kick board.  They will also work on kicking on their back with the assistance of a kick board with the goal of kicking on their back without any assistance.

The Advanced Barracudas will be able to float on their front and back with no assistance.  They will be working on swimming 15 yards of catch-up drill with no assistance or prompting from a coach.  They will work on swimming 15 yards backstroke with no assistance.  

Both groups will work on doing streamline from a sit-dive and being comfortable jumping off of the side of the pool.  

The swimmer to coach ratio in the Barracudas group is 3:1.  The Beginner Barracudas will stay in the three foot area where they can touch the bottom at all times.  As they become more skilled and confident they will move to the Advanced Barracuda group and swim in a lane that is a little deeper.  The coaches are in the water at all times with the swimmers.

Barracudas must be potty trained.



The Sharks will work on catch-up drill with the goal of going from a kickboard to a noodle. They will also work on backstroke.

Sharks will work on racing dives and backstroke starts as well as streamline on their front and back.  

The swimmer to coach ratio in Sharks is 5:1.  The coaches stay in the water for most of the time to give immediate feedback and reinforcement to the swimmers.  As the session progresses the hope is the swimmers will become more independent in the water and need less coach assistance.

Once they can swim 15 yards of freestyle and backstroke they will work on their endurance with the goal of joining the Swim Team.