With the exception of a pre-approved clinic to be hosted by PENNRIDGE, information will be coming out shortly, all certifications for officials will be done via an online proficiency test.

USA, PIAA and Y officials are exempt from testing. Please send the names of those officials in your club (and their affiliation) to Mike so the records are accurate.

All current certifications expired at the end of February. Therefore, EVERYONE will need to re-certify. The new certifications will be good for 2 seasons. Those wishing to certify as a Starter/Ref must have 2 years prior experience at the Stroke & Turn level.

Any team that uses a non-certified official will forfeit any meet(s) said official worked. All times and any records broken will not be recognized.

Online Information:

Strokes and Turns Training and Competency Test:

Starter/Ref Competency Test:

Once a candidate completes a test, it will be scored automatically with results sent to me, Mike Dunn.

New candidates who pass the Stroke & Turn test will have to shadow.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mike Dunn - [email protected]


Day Date Host Time Notes
Wednesday October 26, 2022 Council Rock 6:00pm

Judging & Table Clinic