TOPS  Mission Statement

TOPS seeks to provide a safe, healthy, positive, and disciplined age group training program for our pre-team to National level swimmers.  Our training environment will enable our athletes to reach their personal level of excellence in competitive swimming.

TOPS Swimming philosophy is rooted in:

TRUST - TOPS families can trust that the coaches will provide the best teaching practices in a training environment that will foster personal growth for each swimmer. The coaches trust that the TOPS swimmers, and families, will care about others and their dedication to the sport through their words and actions, on deck, and out in the community that we serve.

OPEN COMMUNICATION - The coaches strongly emphasize the need for clear and honest communication during instruction. Any dialogue will be rooted in respect and civility. The coaches expect that TOPS swimmers, and families, speak kindly to their peers and address any concerns, to the coaches, in a timely and appropriate manner.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY- The coaches are responsible for creating and implementing a training program that will meet the needs of the swimmers. They understand the need for balance, which is rooted in the honest perspective this sport plays in the day-to-day life of the swimmer. The TOPS swimmers, and families, are to be responsible for partnering with the coaches and meeting the expectations of the team. Our swimmers take personal responsibility for their success by attending practice, giving their best, and supporting teammates.

SUPPORT - The coaches support the swimmers in their growth as athletes and as people. This support will be echoed through honest feedback, assessment, and attendance to issues pertinent to the swimmer. The TOPS swimmers and families are expected to lend their support, in words and actions, and are expected to be a positive presence at practice and meets.