Senior swimmer and chairperson of our Unity Committee, Catie Guntz is promoting team unity and team spirit.  She has paired each member of the team with one (or more!) Spirit Swimmers.  The pair may be in the same or different age group.  They may know each other or they may be strangers.  By the end of the first meet, her hope is for each swimmer to feel connected to their spirit swimmer.
We are asking each swimmer to write a small note (on a notecard, for example) of encouragement.  They may attach a small snack or trinket to that note, but the note of encouragement is the central idea as we are always mindful of allergies and junk food (garbage in, garbage out!) Please spend NO MORE than one to two dollars on your snack or trinket.
Please find your swimmer's buddy below.  We have triple checked this list but, as always, people make mistakes.  If you cannot find your swimmer's name, please email Catie at [email protected] so we can remedy the situation!!!!
Sophia Boldin Cierra Griffith   Michael Maltman  Josh Lear
Gianna Gro Kaia Griffith        Graham Lourie Henry Phillips
Giana Herbine Kenzie Gorman   Jack Lowrey Patrick Bowker
Katie Kelecic Stella Tex   Max McCarty Colin Davis
Nora Lourie Daniella Kateusz   Kaiden Miller Ethan Suessmuth
Harper Maharrey Maura Losnowsky   Tyler Wilmanski Mark Flewelling
Grace Metry Tama Engler   Ty Grube Keegan Pence
Davina Oman Gabby Metry   Timur Martysiuk Owen Burry
Emmalyn Quinn Elsa Lucas   Ben Naessig Jude Moes
Lily Stone Nadia Karalius   Evan Brobst Dylan Morelock
Elizabeth Frain Evelyn Lacock   Vinny Germain Will Huggard
Rylee Gartner Daniella Kateusz   Connor Houde Nate Oliver
Chelsea Huggard Jules Metry   Akim Martysuik Luke Schafer
Tori Kateusz Catie Guntz   Zack Romanik Connor Striffler
Jules Kelecic Ellie Seip   Jackson Sarnes Chase Anoia and Dom Testa
Emma McCarty Eliana Crew   Ben Whitlock Zach Csekitz and Micah Suessmuth
Caroline Newell Marie Kateusz      
Nora Sabatino Cadence Straka      
Maddie Sarnes Megan Davison      
Avery Sohl Casey Houde      
Belle Stone Jessica Cielecki      
Aria Straka Talia Keffer      
Paige Swiech Annette Testa      
Payton Wilmanski Abby Reiter      
Summer Gessner Abby Hawthorne      
Tessa Grube Riley Houde      
Emma Kateusz Sadie Valentino      
Raegan Pierce Abby Boldin