Please go to TEAM EVENTS:
*Look for USA Icon to help you identify the USA meets.
*Click on Edit Commitment
*Click on Swimmers Name
*Under Declaration click select and choose, YES, or NO
*If you click yes, events will populate for that swimmer.
* Please have your swimmer choose events.   No more than THREE events per session/day should be selected.
*If you see that the swimmer time provided is not accurate, please email us via  [email protected] We check all swimmer's times with the USA Swimming Database.
*If your swimmer chooses not to swim, then please click  NO.
**Very Important Save Changes in the lower right hand corner in order to enter a meet. If you fail to click SAVE CHANGES, your chosen events will not be saved and your swimmer will not be entered into the meet.  After saving changes, the next screen should have a summary of your selections.