USA Swimming is the national governing body of competitive swimming in the United States.  All leagues (SAL, Age group programs, etc.) follow USA rules and regulations.




To participate in TOPS USA Swimming, the swimmers must meet the following criteria:

1. Swimmers must participate in our SAL dual meets. We are a SAL team, first. USA is optional.

2. Express interestto a TOPS Coach, about participating in USA Swimming.

3. Have a BB Short Course time  (pg. 2) in a given event.  Swimmer is to be no younger than nine years old.

4. Demonstrate discipline in practice and attend the recommended number of practices 

5. Exhibit age appropriate maturity in practice and at TOPS chosen USA meets.

6. Adhere to the Athlete Code of Conduct.

7. Plan and choose events in the TOPS chosen USA meets.

8. Must participate in a season ending USA meet (e.g. Bronze, Silver, JO, Seniors)


To participate in LC meets the following expectations must be met:

1Attend TOPS Spring Clinic

2Attend ONE LC practice a week when LC training begins

3. Swimmers will not be allowed to swiim in LC meets if the training requirement is not met.

4. Swimmer must copy and paste the following commitment statement (below) and email to [email protected] to participate in LC. This ensures that we are all on the same page concerning expectations and commitment.

"We understand, and will adhere to, the TOPS LC training and meet criteria. We understand that failing to meet the LC training criteria will result in not swimming in the TOPS chosen LC meets.  TOPS Coaches, parents, and swimmers are to adhere to the Code of Conduct at LC training and LC meets.

5. Swimmers are NOT required to participate in a season ending USA LC Meet.


*Swimmer has met an ISCA Summer Champs time standard.
*Pre-HS (Sept- Nov.)- Swimmer needs to attend 5-6 practices per week.
*Once HS begins- Swimmer needs to attend at least TWO TOPS practices per week.
*Participate in at least three (3) TOPS chosen USA meets.
*Participate in the SCY Season Ending Senior Champs in March.
*Participate in LC Training (one day per week)
*Attend ONE TOPS chosen USA LC meet (not including ISCA)
*Attend the ISCA Summer Championship (FL).
*Support the fundraising efforts for the ISCA meet.