NOTE:  We assume that all swimmers will be attending the SAL dual meets, so there is no need to confirm your attendance for these.  However, if your swimmer cannot make a SAL dual meet, please do sign in and decline.   And if you wish to attend an optional meet (SAL invitational or USA), you will need to follow these procedures, which are detailed in the second part of this FAQ. 

1:  Go to our website.

2:  Sign in to your account.

3.  Go to the meet in question. (You can do this from the home page, by moving down to the “swim meet” tab at the bottom middle, or you can click on “events” at the top and scroll down until you see the meet.)

4.  Click the “attend/decline” button (or, if you are changing your mind, click on “edit commitment”)

5.  The next screen will list all your registered swimmers.   Click on the swimmer you want to register (or decline for). (NOTE: if you have more than one swimmer and you need to decline a dual meet for both, you'll need to do it twice - once for each swimmer.  If you have a boy and a girl, be sure to decline on the correct meet - Boys for your son, and Girls for your daughter.)

6. This will take you to a screen that has, in the middle, a button which will allow you to select either YES, my swimmer is going to this event, or NO, my swimmer will not go to this event.

7. If you are declining, click NO.   Then click “save changes”.

8.  If you are signing up for an optional meet, the button is labeled may say “declaration” instead of “attend”.  Either way, click Yes, and the screen will then display the events your swimmer is eligible to enter.   When you are done, click “save changes”.

If you need to change your commitment at any point, go through the same process, but the beginning button will say “Edit Commitment”.

Remember:  if you have more than one swimmer, you need to sign up or decline for each one individually.   If you have a boy and a girl and neither can make this week's SAL Dual Meet, you will need to decline for BOTH the boys meet and the girls meet. 



Once a USA  or SAL invitational meet has been "posted" to our website (ie: it is ready for sign up), it will appear as an entry under "Swim Meets" at the bottom of the home page.  To sign your swimmer up, FIRST sign in to your account ("sign in" button is on the left of the home page), using the email you signed up for the team with and your password.  (If you forgot your password, there is a password recovery option).

Once you are signed in, click "Attend/Decline" for the meet you wish to enter. Click on the button in the upper right hand corner and you will see a list of your registered swimmer(s).  Click on the swimmer you wish to enter, and the events for which s/he is eligible will appear.   Click on the events you wish to enter, then "register" at the bottom, and you are set.   Your account will be invoiced for the meet charges at the end of the month.

Note: a description of each meet, dates and times of sessions, and available events is on the meet page for each meet.  Click on the pdf to open it.  

We recommmend communicating with your head practice group coach about which events s/he would recommend for your swimmer(s) before you complete your entries.