Service Hours FAQ


What are Service Hours?

Service Hours is Team Unify's language for your volunteer obligations.  The Marlins don't count volunteer obligations in terms of hours but rather # of meets worked.  Marlin's families are required to work 3 meets plus the Last Chance meet.  So, whenever you see the term "Service Hours" please replace it with the term "Meets Worked".


My account only shows that I need to work 3 meets.  I thought I needed to work 4.  Why is that?

All Marlins are families are required to work 3 meets plus the Last Chance Meet.  Since everyone is required to work the Last Chance Meet we have set up the system to only reflect the 3 meet obligation.  If you worked 4 regular SAL meets it may appear as though you don't need to work the Last Chance Meet and that would be misleading.


How can I track my Volunteer Obligations?

You can always track your volunteer obligations by going into "My Account" and selecting "My Invoice/Payment" button.  From there you can select the "My Service Hours" tab and you will be able to view your current status.  This will tell you what you signed up for but our meet directors will also keep when you showed up.  So if there is any confusion, please reach out to a meet director or board member


I was hoping to learn about how to volunteer, how do I do that?

Please refer to the "Volunteer Sign-up" FAQ sheet.