Volunteer Sign-Up FAQ


Why do I need to volunteer to help at swim meets?

It takes many many people to run a swim meet.  We could not run one without volunteers and that is why the Marlin's require every family to volunteer for 3 meets plus the Last Chance Meet at the end of the year.


How do I sign-up to volunteer for a meet?

 If you have not volunteered or would like to volunteer for more meets the first thing you need to do is log into your account.  Once your logged in you can go to "Events" and locate the meet you'd like to sign-up for.  Click on the jobs sign-up or edit job commitment button and from there you'll see the available jobs.  Check the job you'd like to sign up for and click "Submit".  That's all there is to it.


Help!  I have to cancel a meet I've agreed to work!

Don't worry; it happens to everyone!   First, please do your best to find a replacement.  If you are able to do that successfully, then log in to your account, go to "Events",  and  locate the meet you need to cancel.   Click on the edit job commitment button and from there you'll see the option to remove a job.  Check the job you'd like to remove and select the remove button. 

THEN ask your replacement to log in and volunteer for the job you just removed. 

If you can't find a replacement, contact the meet director (Lisa Roseland for Boys;  Wendy Garcia for girls) and let them know.


I'm trying to sign-up for a job but when I go into the meet and click "jobs" there are no jobs listed.  Why?

This just means that the jobs for this have not yet been made available.  Please check back shortly.


Is there really a $150 fee if I don't volunteer?

Yes there is.  This is the agreement presented to you when the swimmers signed up for the Marlins. 

I recognize that Upper Merion Aquatic Club (UMAC) is a volunteer organization and is dependent upon every family to volunteer for a minimum of three (3) meets along with UMAC's fundraising invitational, the Last Chance Meet held each January. If my family does not meet this minimum requirement, my credit card will be charged an additional $150 Volunteer Fee.

I know that at the start of the season that I have the opportunity to choose the volunteer positions and meets that may be most convenient to me or my family's schedule and that these positions are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

All volunteer positions will be tracked via this website. Volunteers will receive an email reminder and be asked to confirm their availability prior to that week's meet.

 I understand that if my family does not meet the volunteer requirement (3 meets and The Last Chance Meet), UMAC will be charging an additional $150 Volunteer Fee.