Your Guide to the UMAC  Billing System


Why do I keep seeing references to recurrent charges?

Many teams utilizing the Team Unify platform employ a monthly (recurring) billing system.  This is not a standard UMAC practice.  The only exception is when we offer the option to split up payments for a program over 2 payments, such as for the summer training program.  Unfortunately at this time we do not have the abiltiy to edit the standard “system” generated emails that often make reference to recurrent and non-recurrent fees.  Just know that 95% of the fees showing up on your invoice are of the non-recurrent type.


What’s included on my Invoice?

Your invoice is always created on the 1st of the month.  Your invoice includes all non-recurring charges (i.e. swim meet fees, program fees, etc) and payments made the month prior to the invoice.  It also includes any recurring charges posted to your account on the 1st of the current month, when the invoice is being created.  For example, June’s invoice (6/1) includes all the non-recurring charges and payments posted from May 1st till May 31st  and recurring charges posted on 6/1. 


I made a payment last month but it’s not reflected on this months Invoice.

If you paid by credit card then your payment will post immediately.  However, if you paid your bill by sending us a check, please realize that it could take up to 2 weeks to post to your account.  Therefore if you sent us a check on May 25th, there is a good chance it didn’t post to your account before the invoice was generated.  You can always check to see if a payment has been posted by logging into your account and looking at “My Invoice/Payment” section of the site.


I want to pay my bill online but can’t figure out how to do this.

You are now able to pay your bill "on demand".  This means that you can log into your account, go to My Invoice/Payment and pay our outstanding balance at any time.  Please note that once you pay using online (using a credit card) the card is saved on file and you are effectively signed up for auto-pay.  New charges will be paid using that credit card on the first of each month.


What is Auto-Pay and how do I sign-up?

Our billing system gives you the ability to enter your payment information into the system (either credit card or bank account information - ACH).  No one in the UMAC organization has access to your information.  This information is masked (except for the last 4 digits of your credit card or bank account).  On the 1st of each month your card will be charged (or money electronically withdrawn from your bank account) for any outstanding balance on your account.  Auto-payments will be reflected on the following invoice.

There are a number of ways to sign-up for auto-pay.  First, when you register for a swimming/diving session you are given the option to save your credit card on file and by doing this you opt-in to auto-pay.  Secondly, if at anytime you pay an outstanding "on-demand" (see above FAQ) your card is automatically saved and your are opted-in to auto-pay.  Finally, you can sign-up for Auto-pay at anytime by logging into your account at  Once logged in click on the My Account tab on the left side of the page and then click on “Setup Auto Pay” and simply follow the instructions.

NOTE:  If you want to use Auto-Pay, you need to sign up to do so; simply paying by credit card when you first register is not sufficient.   You can sign up for Auto-Pay at any time by following the instructions above, or you can "opt in" during registration. 


Should I sign-up for auto-pay using a credit card or my bank account (ACH)?

The choice is utlimately yours.  However, ACH is typically a cheaper option for UMAC and helps keep program fees lower.


Okay, I signed up for auto-pay today (6/1).  Will this pay June’s invoiced balance?

No.  The auto-pay function is triggered when the invoice is created.  Therefore your card wouldn’t be charged until 7/1.


I have registered my son/daughter for a swimming program and I said I’d pay by check but I haven’t sent it in yet and it’s getting near the end of the month and I’m signed up for auto-pay.  What do I do?

If we haven’t received and posted your check by the last day of the month your bill will be paid using auto-pay.  So if you have auto-pay set up but wish to pay a particular bill  “manually” by mailing in a check, please do so well before the end of the month to ensure that your check is posted on time.  Additionally, please be aware that if there were charges associated with paying by credit card, they will be manually entered after the auto-pay and reflected in your account as “credit card processing fees”.


I have registered my son/daugher for a swimming program using the “check” option but would now like to pay via credit card.  What do I do?

You can set up auto-pay using your credit card and your bill will be paid using auto-pay.  However, as noted above, please be aware that if there were charges associated with paying by credit card they will be manually entered after the auto-pay and reflected in your account as “credit card processing fees”.


I keep seeing references to service hours.  Could you please exlpain this to me?

Some teams that use TU require families to work a certain number of hours each session, rather than (as we do) a certain number of meets.   Currently, we are not using this function within TeamUnify.  We will let you know if that changes.


I’m confused about the emails I get about my account.  Can you explain this to me?

You will routinely get two emails each month about your account balance (if you’ve had activity within the last couple months).  The first will come out within 7 days of the end of the month.  This is a “billing summary”, a snapshot of your account at that time.  This will let you know your anticipated balance as of the next invoice, if there are no other fees or payments.  This gives you the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have about your account before the invoice is created or your credit card is charged (if auto-pay is set-up).

The second email is your invoice that comes out each month.  Please see the above f.a.q. that describes what’s included on your invoice.