Our mission is the development and expansion of swimming and diving as sports, as part of a wellness regimen, and as recreation for all age groups. We are not just a team, but also a community of parents and swimmers. Through our programs, we promote the development of our swimmers and divers as athletes and as individuals; we aim to produce well-rounded swimmers and divers who combine a life-long love of these sports with enhanced levels of self-discipline, personal responsibility, sportsmanship, and community-mindedness. Any swimmer or diver who demonstrates good character and dedication to swimming and diving will always be welcome on our team.

Status of Fall 2021-2022 SAL Season

Currently, the School District is not allowing outside organizations(UMAC is one of them) to use any indoor facilities.  We have been able to secure a pool to run a smaller program out of this fall.  This program will run from 10/11/2021 through 12/23/2021 (subject to changes).  The Suburban Aquatic League that we normally particpate in will be running in another "unofficial" season as there are many other programs facing similar challenges.  The current plan will be to participate in the parts of the season that we can.

The pool time/size that we have been able to will force us to limit participation, as there is only so much space in the pool.  Registration will be opening by 9/28 for returning members.  New members by 10/2.


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