The Marlins are a member-run non-profit organization (501c3), administered by an elected Board of Directors.   Our mission is the development and expansion of swimming as a sport, as part of a wellness regimen, and as recreation for all age groups.  We are not just a team, but also a community of parents and swimmers.  Through our programs, we promote the development of our swimmers as athletes and as individuals; we aim to produce well-rounded swimmers who combine a life-long love of the sport with enhanced levels of self-discipline, personal responsibility, sportsmanship, and community-mindedness.  Any swimmer who demonstrates good character and dedication to swimming will always be welcome on our team.

We offer a range programs for those interested in competitive swimming and diving.  In the fall and winter, we offer two linked competitive swimming and diving programs. Swimmers and divers participate in the Suburban Aquatic League (SAL), with practices starting in September and meets running from November through early February.     We also offer two USA swimming seasons: short course, which starts at the same time as SAL and runs through March, and long course, which begins in May and runs through early August.  Divers can join our AAU diving program, which offers practices and meets through April.

In addition, our popular Minnows program prepares swimmers ages 5-8 for the team.  Minnows registration is in late January, and the program runs from February to early April.

Finally, we offer five weeks of swim lessons for new swimmers ages 5 and up in our Spring Clinic, from late April through Memorial Day.

Information about registrations for swim lessons and Minnows is available in the News section of the website as well as in the Upper Merion Park and Recreation booklet.  



The Marlins will be offering several programs this spring and summer.

Our SPRING CLINIC begins April 23;  in-person registration for new swimmers will take place on Tuesday, April 22, from 5:30 – 7:00 pm at Upper Merion High School pool.

SPRING CLINIC includes four programs, all of which cost $125 per swimmer/diver:

  • SWIM LESSONS:  for beginning and novice swimmers ages 5 and up.  Small group lessons offered MWTh at 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30 pm.  Swimmers must register IN PERSON, and fill out a registration form on site.  Evaluation/Registration night is scheduled for Tues, April 22, 5:30-7:00 pm at the UM High School pool.
  • TEAM TRAINING:  Part One of our two-part Spring/Summer season.  Team training is offered to current and returning Marlins to get ready for the summer swim season.  A fuller description is provided below, and a tentative schedule is posted on the website. Returning Marlins may register online or by mail. 
  • DIVE LESSONS, for those who can already execute a racing diving or any type of head-first dive off the board.  Register in person on April 22, 5:30-7:00 pm at the UM High School pool.  Contact Coach Justin Bonner at for more information.
  • DIVING CLINIC, runs concurrently with our lessons program, for returning Marlins and AAU divers. Contact Coach Justin for more information. 



The Marlins is also proud to offer a USA Swimming summer long-course program.  The long course season will consist of two segments: Spring Team Training and Summer Long Course.  These are described below.  Swimmers may sign up for these programs separately (ie: one but not the other), but note that they are designed to work together – ie, Spring Team Training is intended to gear swimmers up for the summer competitive season, and the Summer Long Course training will build on the skills developed during Spring Team Training.

Spring Team Training (April 7 - Memorial Day):   This training is geared toward preparing swimmers for the summer swimming season.  This year, we will be doing this slightly differently to make this training more efficient.  We will be offering five team training groups: our regular Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Senior, and a “Junior Bronze” group for graduating Minnows and others who are ready for their first swim team experience.  (Current Minnows have received information about this group; contact Coach Tim at if you still have questions.)   Practices will be offered Monday through Friday, on a schedule similar to what we are following for our USA Extended season (see website) and will remain at our High School and Middle School pools. Emphasis in all practice groups will be on technique – refining strokes, turns, and starts – and getting in shape for the summer swim season.

Summer Long Course (Memorial day – early August)  - This is the next step in training that will help all of our swimmers elevate their conditioning, experience and skill as athletes to a higher level in an experience second to none - there is simply no substitute for long course training. Swimmers who join our program will not only vastly improve their technique and conditioning, but to grow their experience as athletes by attending long course meets (outdoor in some cases) against teams that they would otherwise not see in SAL and by swimming events that are not available through SAL or any of the summer leagues.  This program is most appropriate for advanced Silver through Senior swimmers, but if there is sufficient interest among the younger swimmers, we will be happy to provide an option for them.  

Practices will remain indoors until the end of the school year when we will move to the Upper Merion Swim and Tennis long course pool three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) 6-8am, and Tues/Thurs from 7-9 am at the Middle School.  In addition to the in-water practices, we will offer dry land training out of the pool three times/week, likely Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  This training will work on general cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and strength through safe and carefully planned and monitored resistance training.  This is truly a premier training program and will be an unforgettable experience.  Teamwork, meets and the satisfaction of hard work and results will all be emphasized in this experience - all under the eastern PA sunrise!

While swimmers may sign up for these programs separately (ie: only the spring training as a way to gear up for summer, or only the summer long course segment), please keep in mind that for the older swimmers (advanced Silver – Senior), this program is designed and intended to be completed from start to finish.  Our coaches will work diligently to plan and execute a comprehensive program whose practices will attack the weak spots of our swimmers, will build on each other and will offer a complete second season of the year for your swimmers.  The dry land training will complement the in-water practices.

We know that many of our swimmers join summer club teams and compete for them.  Please note that our program allows you to continue swimming for your summer club and attend all of their meets while still going through our program and gaining this valuable experience.

Any questions about our summer program can be directed to Coach Sergey at .