Added procedure to our practice routine for safety precautions

Louis Petto

As we head into the winter season, we continue to reevaluate our safety measures to minimize potential exposure of the swimmers to covid. With cases continuing to rise in Pennsylvania and the country and with more students going back to in person classes, we are going to make the following changes to practice format starting next Monday October 26th.

Beginning on that date and going forwards, all swimmers are to bring a ziploc plastic bag to practice with their name clearly on it.  Swimmers will no longer be taking their masks off on the bleachers and walking to the pool maskless.  Instead, they will remain masked and bring their plastic bags to the pool edge and then remove their masks and place and seal them in their bag.  They will then immediately get into the pool.  At the end of practice they will get out and immediately take their mask out of their bag and put it back on before heading back to the bleachers.  This will further reduce any time the swimmers are around each other without masks. Please periodically (maybe weekly) replace the bag, swimmers should not be using the same bag for months.

Finally, as a reminder, please be cognizant of any potential exposures that a swimmer may have and err on the side of not going to practice if there is any potential risk that they may have been exposed.  Likewise, if they have any symptoms of being sick, please do not send them to practice.  As we head into the normal cold and flu season, this will become much more important.The goal is the continued safety of our swimming community, while continuing to provide a safe outlet for the swimmers to socialize, train and compete.  Any questions or concerns, please let us know.