Behind every successful swim team is a group of parents who raise money or otherwise facilitate the operational aspects of a swim meet, which include but are not limited to:  recording meet entries; arranging travel; recording results; officiating at meets; organizing fun activities; publishing newsletters; and coordinating team attire.  These activities – and much more – are accomplished through the UMLY Swim Team Parents Association (“STPC”).

         As the parents of children on the swim team, you are part of this very special organization. The STPC is an extension of the UMLY Swim Team that provides important services for the team.  Your responsibility to UMLY, the swimmers, and the STPC is to actively participate in the swim program.  Swimming at UMLY is a family sport!  Fortunately, we have always been blessed with wonderful parent volunteers at UMLY who are dedicated to the activities of their children and who selflessly give themselves to the program.

          For those of you who are new to UMLY, we depend upon the support of 100% of the parents whose children swim in the program.  All swim meets are run completely by parent volunteers.  For each home dual-meet, over 22 volunteers are needed.  Away meets require more than 10 volunteers.  And, for UMLY-hosted meets, many more volunteers are required.  Additionally, there are many “behind the scenes” positions that occur on the day of a swim meet where we can use your talents and time.

          Because of the numerous volunteering opportunities that exist, there is something for everyone’s interest and desire.  Although some volunteer positions such as officiating require special training and certification, most positions just need your time and talents.  Stopwatch timers, place judges, concessions, banquet volunteers, team coordinators, party organizers, timing console operations, and many more positions are examples of what needs to be filled.  And for those of you who like to organize and manage, consider volunteering as one of our committee chairpersons.

          Each year, we need volunteers in the following positions, which include but are not limited to the following: 

Meet Volunteers


Timers are needed in each lane.  The primary responsibility is to start the watch at the start of the race and stop it when the swimmer touches the wall.  This time is recorded.  You get the best seat in the house with this job.  No experience is required.


The Announcer works at home meets.  The Announcer reads names and events from the program prior to each event.  No experience is required, but you need to keep a quick pace.  


Responsible for taking the time sheets from the timers and delivering them to the Scoring Table after each event.  No experience is required.

Place Judge

Records the lanes in the order that the swimmers finish.  No experience is required.

YMCA Swim Official I

You must be trained and certified for this position.  Level I Swim Officials are certified to function as Stroke and Turn Judge, Relay Take-off Judge, Place Judge and Timer.  You must attend a formal training session held by the Penn Del Swim League and pass an open book, online test.  Minimum age requirement is 21 and you must be associated with a YMCA sponsored Swim Team.

YMCA Swim Official II

You must be trained and certified for this position.  Level II Swim Officials are certified to function as Referee, Starter and Chief Judge, as well as the role of any Level I Swim Official.  You must attend a formal training session held by the Penn Del Swim League and pass an open book, online test.  Minimum age requirement is 21 and you must be associated with a YMCA sponsored Swim Team.

Administrative Official (“AO”)

You must be trained and certified for this position.  Works at the Scoring Table.  An AO handles timing discrepancies (for example, determining a swimmer’s official time if the touchpad doesn’t register or differs greatly from the plunger/stopwatch times).  You must attend a formal training session held by the Penn Del Swim League and pass an open book, online test.

Meet Manager

You must be trained and certified for this position.  Works at the Scoring Table (also called a “Scorer”).  The Meet Manager’s duties include, but are not limited to, the following:  the processing of entries, scratches, and seeding; inputting data and timing adjustments during meets (individual times and relays), generating results from the Colorado timing system into the scoring software (Hy-Tek Meet Manager), recording disqualifications, and verifying results and scoring.  The Meet Manager also troubleshoots any issues.  You must attend a formal training session held by the Penn Del Swim League and get re-certified each year.

Colorado Operator

Works at the Scoring Table.  Oversees the electronic timing system (called the Colorado Timing System) in conjunction with the Meet Manager software.  The system gives swimmers a time and place on the scoreboard when the touchpad (or plunger) is activated upon the completion of a race.  Makes sure times are being recorded properly and there are no malfunctions.  You do not need to attend a formal training session, but you will need to shadow someone to understand how the system works.

Season Volunteers

Team Coordinators

Upon establishment of our A and B team rosters, one to two parents per team are needed to coordinate each team’s meet activities.  Responsibilities include maintaining the team accessories box, creation and maintenance of a volunteer list for parents to support team participation in each dual team meet and championship meets, as well as coordination of those volunteers in support of those meets. 


Expenses paid by UMLY families are directly affected by the effectiveness of team fundraising activities. These activities will be expanded this year and will be run with the purpose of both raising funds and building team cohesion. Coordination of these activities will include definition of activities that meet team requirements, coordination of volunteers to implement those activities, and monitoring the activities when they are implemented.

Meet Hospitality/


Coordinate volunteers who will be responsible for the food concession the team provides at each of its home meets. This activity serves the needs of swimmers and guests at each meet as well as generates funds used to defray team expenses.

Spirit Wear Volunteer

Part of UMLY’s branding and team building is for our swimmers and our parents to proudly wear their UMLY gear at swim meets. We would like help coordinating the design, ordering and distribution of the team gear.

Banquet Volunteers

The UMLY Awards Banquet is held at the end of the Winter swim season is held on the first Sunday of May. At this banquet, graduating seniors are honored and each swimmer receives a team trophy or swim gear. One person is required to coordinate planning the event within the budget established by the Board, and others are required to help implement the different facets of it, (e.g. decorations, awards, registration). It is a huge undertaking, but ALWAYS a fun and tear-filled event. We love our UMLY swimmers!

Team Photographers

With the advent of digital media – we would like to count on parents to take pictures at meets, team events, and even a practice or two. The pictures will be used in the end of season slide show, as well as other digital outlets.

In addition, our annual team picture is a highlight for the kids and a lasting momento of the years spent with their swim friends. We need someone to coordinate the picture day. This includes tasks such as: arrange the logistics for the photographer; communicate the date to the families; coordinate the picture with the coaches and distribute the pictures.

Age Group Representatives

Team social events are important for building team spirit.  UMLY has one to two parent volunteers to spearhead each age group.  Examples of age group social events include beginning of the season and end of the season parties.  Coordination of these events involves working with the STPC to determine a budget, soliciting volunteers to support the events, making logistical arrangements for the events, and supervising their conduct.  Team parties can be held at UMLY, either in the Carriage House or the Gym.


Each year, we need to keep refreshing our ranks with great kids. This role help build our brand to the non UMLY swim family by coordinating press releases and other PR materials on the great events and the great swimmers coming out of our swim club. 

          Please contact any committee member or coordinator if you have questions about these positions or any other opportunities.