The UMLY Swim Team (Year-Round)

         During the Fall/Winter season, UMLY has 4 teams compete in the PennDel YMCA League:

  • Boys Washington Team
  • Boys Jefferson Team
  • Girls Washington Team
  • Girls Jefferson Team

         The coaches determine team assignments just before the start of the Winter season.  The teams compete in 4-5 dual meets each season, followed by championship meets.  Awards are given to teams based upon their standings in the PennDel League and upon their sportsmanship.  Placement on the Washington and Jefferson teams only pertains to dual meets - it does not dictate practice groups or attendance at YMCA Invitationals or USA Swimming meets, which are in addition to dual meets. 

         During the late Fall-early Spring, the UMLY Swim Team competes in Short Course Yard ("SCY") meets.  During the late Spring-early Fall season, the UMLY Swim Team utilizes its outdoor Long Course Meter ("LCM") pool and competes in LCM meets.

The Otters Swim Team (Summer Only) 

         UMLY's Otters Swim Team competes with other local swim teams through the summer in the Southern Chester County Swim League.  The Otters Swim Team is separate from (or in addition to) UMLY's year-round swim team.  Please click here to obtain more information about the Otters Swim Team.