During the course of a season, swimmers set goals and practice to achieve those goals.  Goals are for the most part physical, mental, and nutritional, and almost every goal should be measurable.  The ultimate measurable goal in swimming is how fast an individual can swim.  As swimmers mature and master techniques, they need to readjust goals to meet their new potential. 

         Championship meets usually have qualifying standards that swimmers need to meet or surpass to participate.  However, before swimmers can set their sights on a championship meet qualifying standard, they must set intermediate goals along the way.  For this reason, USA Swimming has established motivational times to assist swimmers in their quest for championship standards.

          UMLY has established this page to help swimmers achieve their goals.  Whether swimmers are striving to become more competitive on the team or are 'A' swimmers looking to qualify for the next championship level, they need to set time specific goals for themselves.  Listed below are links to YMCA and USA Swimming motivational and qualifying time standards.  Please take the opportunity to look through these times and determine your goals.  Keep in mind that swimmers should establish short-term (in-season) goals, long term (post-season) goals, and dream (career) goals.  Best of luck to all of our swimmers!  

         Below are the motivational and qualifying time standards.

2023 TIMES

2022 TIMES