Meet Entry Tutorial

2022 - 2023 SEASON


All team meets will be posted on our website under “EVENTS”. When a meet has been opened for online entry, an email will be sent out to WAP families. Be sure to read these emails completely. Also, print out the meet invitation and look it over to become familiar with all other details. Another email will be sent 7 days prior to the entry deadline. Once the deadline has passed, there will be NO late entries.

One: When officially entering into the meet, there are three places on this website where you will find the meet you are looking for. You can access this through the "Meet Entry" tab, or from the widgets found on the Home Page and Meets & Events Page.

Two: Once you find the specific meet you're looking for, click on the link titled "Attend This Event." Once clicked, you should be redirected to a page where you'll see your child(ren) listed under "Member Name".

Three: Click on the child you wish to enter at that time. You will be taken to a new page with a scroll box next to "Declaration".

Four: Scroll to "Yes, please sign (your child's name) up for this event". You will then see a list of events pop up.

Five: Click on the events your child has chosen (or coach has assigned) for that meet. Please make sure you are aware of possible qualifying times there may be for a particular meet. (You will see qualifying times listed if they exist).

**Remember to adhere to the entry limitations stated in my email and on the meet invitation. For example, some meets swimmers are allowed 3 individual events per day. If this was the case, you would need to make sure you did not click on more than 3 events in the same day. **

Six: Once you have selected the events that your child would like to swim, CLICK ON SAVE CHANGES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Your child is now registered for the meet.


 Other Important Notes:

It is very important that you adhere to the deadlines that are designated for OUR TEAM. This deadline is earlier than the deadline posted on the meet invitation by the host club. The reason for this is because many meets often get filled up fast because there are so many kids who want to attend. Each meet host club has to abide by a 4 hour session duration rule. This means that they often decline to accept entries after they have a full session. This can come well before the meet entry deadline they designate on the meet invitation. As a result, we often have to send in our entries really early. Don't get shut out of a meet. Try to get into a habit of entering your child prior to the deadline that WAP gives. This deadline is always available when the meet is posted and emailed out to everyone.

When reading the meet invitation, you will see an entry form at the end. You do not need to fill this out. This is for teams entering on paper which we will never do. We will always be using the online system so once you register online, you are done doing what you need to do.

After you have entered the meet, you will be invoiced for the meet fees at a later date. Please note, once you have entered your child online, and WAP sends the entries to the host club, you will be invoiced for the entry fees even if your child does not end up attending the meet. This is because WAP has to pay for any entries we send to a host club. Please be mindful of this.

If we happen to enter a meet that has relays, the coaching staff will make a decision on entering those events. If relays are entered, the swimmers making up the relays will bear the cost of the relay entry. The decision on which swimmers to place in those relays will be made solely by the coaching staff.

There will be $.50 - $1.00 per event charge to help offset the increasing costs of sending the coaching staff to swim meets. In addition, at meets where the coaches will have to stay overnight, there may be additional per swimmer fees.

Be sure to write down and save the events for which you register at each meet. If at any time you want to see what events you have signed up for just click on "Events" on the main menu just as if you were to register for a meet. Find the meet in question and click on "Attend This Event". This should give you the entries for that meet for all swimmers under your account.

You must complete your entries by the entry deadline posted for OUR TEAM. This deadline is always available when the meet is posted and emailed out to everyone. You can also find this deadline on the Event page. There will be NO LATE ENTRIES once the online entry deadline passes.

If you are NOT attending the meet, please click on the "NO (child’s name) will not be attending" at step (4) to indicate you are not going. This is a big help for administrative purposes.