WA/USA Achievement Patch Program

~Current patch program will be utilizing the 2013-2016 USA Swimming motivational times chart which are times valid from September 2012 thru August 2016. The USA Age Group Motivational Times chart. You must access this first to determine the patch level. **Page 1 notes Long Course times and Page 2 notes Short Course times. Girls listed on left, boys on right.

~Times are calculated by top 16 national times and then factored for adjustment to get the different time standard rankings.

~No separate 8 & under available, they are included in the 10 & under.

~Patches awarded for each stroke (Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke, IM)

~Swimmers receive Achievement Patches for reaching a higher time standard. An Achievement Patch is earned for every motivational time earned. For example, your swimmer’s 100 Freestyle time improves from a “B” level time to a “BB” level time, you would earn a Freestyle BB Patch. It is important to remember that the patches are only available by stroke, not event, so if your child gets a BB patch for the 100 Free, they won’t get another patch when they make a BB time in the 50 Free. There is only one patch that says “BB Freestyle”. Likewise, if your child gets a B patch for Freestyle as a 10 year old, and then ages up to 11-12, they won’t get another B Freestyle patch when they make a B Freestyle time as an 11 year old. The idea is to recognize and reward swimmers for achieving new time standards.

~Swimmer must make a request to receive their patches via the Request Form (written or emailed) to receive patches. (Swims will be verified prior to patch distribution)

~Patches can be earned any time throughout the season; however, please note that there are different standards for Long Course and Short Course on the chart.

~Please submit patch Request Form to Celeste Fronczak via the lobby folder or email to [email protected] Patch orders will be delivered to your family folder.