Short Course Fees

2022 - 2023 SEASON


2022 - 2023 Swimmer Club Fee -> (Updated 9/2/2022)

Competitive team membership: $250 each swimmer / $650 family max (3 or more swimmers in same family)

Team caps, banquet, team gift, coach travel fee. They are non-refundable & not eligible for discount or installment option. Payment can be made via check (Westtown School) or CC. E-check not accepted for registration fee.

Non-competitive team membership: USA swimming registration only. Information will be distributed shortly.



75 % due upon registration. Remaining balance (25%) due by November 1 


 Group Level:

Full SC season:



($1,300 due upon registration/ $450 due on 11/1/2022)

Senior Prep 1


($1,100 due upon registration/ $375 due on 11/1/2022)

Senior Prep 2


($1,050 due upon registration/ $325 due on 11/1/2022) 

Age Group*


($950 due upon registration/ $300 due on 11/1/2022)

Age Group Prep


($775 due upon registration/ $275 due on 11/1/2022)


$250. Saturday only from 9/10-11/19

Multi Athlete Discount: For families with more than 2 swimmers, 5 % discount is taken off of lowest training group(s) and discount applied to the last installment (March).

* When registering, age group will be the only option. The group will be split up after the first week, or so, and families will be notified who is in Age group 1. 

All payments are due via CC or E-check by the due date. No personal checks will be accepted for training fees.

No refunds will be issued once the season starts without a medical reason supported by a verified note from a doctor and approved by Westtown School finance department.

#Dry land included in fees for Senior & Sr Prep for the entire short course season (September- March).