Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 8/17/2021)


Q. Do I have to be a Westtown Student to swim on Westtown Aquatic Club (WA)? 

A. No, we are open to private and public school swimmers in the surrounding area.


Q. What is the time commitment for the program?

A. Depending on what level your athlete is in, practices range from 4 to 6 per week. We do not have an attendance policy but strongly urge that families get their swimmers to 75-80% of the practices per week.

There is also 1 team effort meet per month that these practices are getting the swimmers ready for. The months of December and March have qualifying, or championship, meets that we hope all swimmers will attend.


Q. What if my child does a fall sport? 

A. Great! Please have them registered at the start of the season but we will not bill until the beginning with us. 


Q. When does the season start? 

A. This year we are starting on Tuesday, Sep 7, 2021


Q. When does the season end? 

A. TBD, that depends on your swimmers level and what championship(s) meet they will participate in in march. 


Group changes/ placements: 


Q. What group will my swimmer(s) be in? 

A. Every new swimmer must go through a try out UNLESS they coming from another USA program and can provide us with times. Try out sign ups are the Westtown Aquatic Club page under the “Team News” tab 


Q. How do I know when my swimmer will move up? 

A. We typically will move a swimmer up in the beginning of the season and in Dec. After that, we will wait until the Spring season to move kids around. This is based on coaches' recommendations.


Q. How do I know how my swimmer is doing? 

A. Ask! Please email Jason Brennan to set up a meeting with your swimmers coach(es). 


Their progress is a balance of consistency at practice (both coming and paying attention) and effort. 


Drop into a practice and watch. You’ll get to see what our coaches are doing with the swimmers, how your swimmer is in a group setting and what they’re working on. 


Meets are a window into where they are at and what they need to work out but don’t gauge everything based on a meet! They could look great at practice but look completely different at meets & vice versa.




Q. What is a “team effort” meet(s)?

A.  This is a meet that the entire team attends and we send all of our coaches that are available. This is typically a meet that allows all swimmers to compete and the goal is to get qualifying times for championship meets or to just get times in general. Those meets are referred to as ABBC meets. 


Q. How often are meets? 

A. During non-championship months (Oct, Nov, January & February) we will compete in one ABBC meet. Championship meets are typically held in December and March. These meet you meet pre-qualify for while attending the ABBC meets. 


Q. How far do I need to travel for meets? 

A. Most of the ABBC meets are local unless that meet fills out. In that case we may attend a meet that is 45-60 min away. 


Most of our championship meets are within our LSC (Local Swim Committee) of eastern PA, south Jersey or Delaware. We do attend some out of state championships meets and if swimmers qualify for nationals then that is also out of state. These meets are for our higher level 14 and overs. 


Q. What should my swimmer bring to a meet?

A.  Two Westtown caps (we provide swimmers with caps as a part of their registration fees), two goggles, one Westtown suit and two towels (they’ll be in and out of the pool a few times). If the swimmer has Westtown Aquatic Club gear then they should wear that to meets. 


Billing/ Payments: 


Q. How does billing work? 

A. Your registration fees are due when you sign up on the teamunify site and that can be paid using check or CC (with a transaction fee).


raining fees are billed on the first of each month and that payment can be made via CC or e-check.


A valid CC or checking account must be in the system when you register. 


Q. What if I have a question about my account?

A.  Contact Head Coach/ Program Director [email protected] or [email protected] with any questions.