Summer Session: June 21st - July 28th

WCAC’s training groups are sequentially designed to be developmentally appropriate to meet swimmers needs yet create challenge and opportunity to ensure growth/success. Group assignments will be based on experience, past accomplishments, age, stamina, and skill. Each group progressively increases expectations regarding practice and meet attendance with a strong focus on technique and conditioning. Participation in competition at some level is required including championship meet qualification.

TROJAN ONE: This level is for swimmers who are roughly ages 6-8 and can swim.  However, they are still relatively new to the training/competition aspects of swimming.  Swimmers are focusing on becoming legal in all four strokes and will emphasize stroke technique, streamlines, starts, turns, and begin to build endurance.  Members of this group will be required to compete in most or all SAL dual meets and may participate in invitationals including USA Swimming meets.

TROJAN TWO: This level roughly consists of swimmers ages 9-12 who are legal in all four strokes, enjoy the sport of swimming, and want to continue improving their technique and speed.  Swimmers will not only begin to be challenged physically but will be introduced to the mental aspects of training including pacing, goal-setting, race strategy, and extrinsic motivational factors.  Members of this group are required to compete in all SAL dual meets including Championships, may participate in SAL invitationals, and are highly encouraged to attend USA Swimming meets.

TROJAN THREE: This level roughly consists of swimmers ages 11-14 with a significant amount of competitive experience where we expect commitment and a willingness to improve.  Even though this group has a step up in training volume, we continue to reinforce technique and increase the mental aspects of swimming such as efficiency, self-monitoring, and intrinsic motivation.  Swimmers will be introduced to a greater range of races and higher levels of competition in order to open the door to self-discovery and growth.  Members of this group are required to compete in all SAL dual meets and invitationals with the goal of qualifying for “A” Champs.  Participation in two USA Swimming meets is required with an eye on qualifying for Middle Atlantic Junior Olympics.

TROJAN FOUR: WCAC’s top training group roughly consisting of swimmers ages 13 and up who are serious about maximizing potential through training and competition.  This group will refine physical and mental training strategies and principles with the goal of furthering their path into USA Swimming competitions.  Swimmers in the group will be expected to compete in all SAL meets and most, if not all, USA Swimming meets offered during the season. There will be various goals for this level according to competitive age group, mainly:  preparation for, or higher achievement such as Districts/States at, the high school level, top-eight finish at SAL “A” Champs, and qualifying/placing in finals at Middle Atlantic Junior Olympics.

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