Volunteer Jobs at Meets

(To sign up, use the "Job Sign Up" button on the meet in the Events section of the website. Volunteers at meets earn 1 credit toward the 3 volunteer credits required for families)

No Training Required
Deck Parent
Deck Parents will have a list of the events telling them what swimmers are swimming what event. Deck Parents are responsible for lining up swimmers according to their event and heat, walking them up to the block area and making sure that they get in their respective lanes. Swimmers are to remain on deck in their assigned areas for the entire meet, sit with their age group and should be lined up three events ahead of their event.  Deck Parents are there to help young kids get behind the right blocks for their swim event. They are not responsible for locating the swimmer. Deck Parent volunteers should not leave their posts to search for wandering swimmers.
Snack Bar Volunteers
Volunteers are needed to man the snack stand during home meets in order to distribute snack stand take payment accordingly. An option of parent volunteer position is helping to coordinate the pick up or delivery of food items. This is a great way to support the team through fundraising activity.
Place/Finish Judge
The Finish Judge is responsible for determining the finish order of the swimmers in each heat of each race. Each heat is officially recorded and given to a Runner who in turn gives it to the Computer Operator for verification.
The Runner is responsible for collecting the timing sheets and finish judge sheets after each event and giving them to the Computer Operator.
Timers are responsible for timing swimmers in their respective lanes for all  events/heats. One timer from each lane is responsible for recording the times.
Back-up Timer
The Back-up Timer times every race and fills in if a Timer misses a start or finish.

Training Required

Computer Operator
The home team Computer Operator is responsible for entering the times for each swimmer in each heat and with help from the Computer Assistant, checks (and adjusts) the finish order against the Finish Judge’s results.
The Starter is responsible for starting each race, ensuring that each start is fair. Training is required for using the starting equipment.
Stroke & Turn Judge
Judges ensure that the rules relating to the style of swimming designated for the event are being observed and that when turning or finishing, the swimmer complies with the turning and finishing rules applicable to the stroke used. Training and certification are required for this position.  The Suburban Aquatic League offers training at various local pools at the start of the season and these trainings will be advertised by WCAC when they becoming available.  The training takes approximately 2 hours in a weekday evening.