2022-2023 WAC Practice Schedules

PLEASE NOTE:  THESE ARE THE MASTER SCHEDULE FOR THE SEASON.  Daily practices may be changed due to pool availability, weather, etc.  Please make sure to check for any practice changes under "TeamFeed" (posted every Sunday by 3pm) and "Events and Competition" (look under "General").

Fall/Winter (non-high school swimming season) FINAL:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GdsxPLd-UPGXL72ZRe1ro90Rq3SjBjSVK0ViE01s69Y/edit?usp=sharing

Fall/Winter (high school swimming season) FINAL:  

Spring FINAL:

Summer FINAL:

The non-high school swimming schedule runs from 9/12-11/6/22 and 2/27-3/31.  The high school swimming schedule (11/7/22-2/26/23) will change slightly for Junior Elite, Senior, Elite, and Elite Gold, as our practices at Claymont must work around Brandywine High School's practice schedule.  Developmental and Age Group practices should not be affected.