Below you will find the following important and required information that is needed to run your team.  Click these links to take you to each section:


  • www.ymcaswimminganddiving.orgplease contact your Regional Rep for your password.
  • Deadline is FEBRUARY 1, 2015
  • Required for participation in any sanctioned YMCA meet. 
  • Complete all data including team abbreviation. If your team is not a member of USA Swimming, do not fill in the LSC name.

YMCA COACH REGISTRATION - All Coaches (not just head coach)

  • - please contact your Regional Rep for your password.
  • Deadline is FEBRUARY 1, 2015
  • Required in order to be on deck at any sanctioned YMCA meet. 
  • Y coach’s cards will not be made within 2 weeks of a sanctioned Y meet.
  • Requires current certifications in 
    • CPR Pro
    • First Aid
    • Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Coaches (a Lifeguard or YASA certification may be used but must also be accompanied by proof of passing the online STSC test) 
    • Principles of YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving.
  • Upload copies of your certification cards, or your USA Swimming coach’s card, to the site. If you cannot electronically upload them, you may also mail them to Regional Representative. Click here for instructions for other methods of electronic submission.
  • Update expired certifications within enough time to receive a new coaches card 2 weeks prior to a sanctioned Y meet.
  • $30 (per team) coach registration fee, payable to YMCA of the USA and mailed to Regional Representative, not Y-USA. Write “Y Swim Coach Registration” in memo line of check.
  • Two choices for Coach’s Card: 
    • YMCA Coach’s Card – printed by Regional Representative and mailed to coach
    • USA Swimming Coach’s Card (must have Y stamp indicating completion of Principles course) – printed and mailed by your LSC registrar. 
      *All YMCA coaches register on the YMCA online registration system, even if using your USA Swimming card as proof of certifications.


These are required certifications for all YMCA coaches.  The below document will explain in detail the certifications that are needed.


In addition to the required safety certifications (see above document), all YMCA swimming coaches should complete the online Principles of YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving course. This is a requirement for all coaches to be on deck at any sanctioned YMCA meet, including YMCA National Championship meets.

Principles of YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving 

  • Go to then LCDC (Learning & Career Development Center).
  • Only offered as e-learning. Allow 3 hours online plus meetings with the executive  director, aquatics director and/or other supervisors within the YMCA. Arrange  meetings well in advance.
  • Cost $20.00.
  • All YMCA coaches; One time certification.
  • The “workbook” part of the course, in which participants report on their meetings,  is sent to me. Once the participant completes the course and I have reviewed the  information, I will verify the certification.