The Manitoba Marlins was founded in 1969 by Don Wells and Steven Stothers.

The Manitoba Marlins swim program is designed to enable each of its swimmers to systematically progress from the beginner to the elite level of performance by establishing clearly defined priorities, training protocols, and performance standards for each level of instruction. Training groups are organized so that swimmers will be compatible with respect to age, training ability, and commitment. The emphasis in the early stages of development is on the acquisition of fundamental swimming skills.  As swimmers progress through the program, a more demanding physical and psychological challenge is gradually introduced. The commitment level ranges from approximately two hours per week for the beginners in Mini Marlins to over 20 hours per week for the aspiring Olympians in the National Group.  Although participation through all levels of instruction is the goal for every swimmer, each level will provide a valuable and rewarding experience in its own right.

In the 2018/2019 swim season, the Manitoba Marlins offered a new Master's swim program.


To build a nationally respected swim club, while being leaders and innovators in competitive swimming in our province and in our country.


Our mission is to implement a high performance competitive swim program that provides athletes an environment to systematically progress from the novice to elite levels of competition. Through this progression we empower young people to be CHAMPIONS in life through EXCELLENCE in swimming.