Where We Train

Pan-Am Pool

The Pan Am Pool is an indoor swimming facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada built for the 1967 Pan American Games. It is one of the largest indoor bodies of water in the world. It is located in southwest Winnipeg and consists of three pools, two of which are 8 lane 50 meter tanks used for competitive swimming, and one is a children’s “kiddie pool”. The main tank is 25 yards (22.9m) wide. The facility also has a track and two weight rooms. The dive tank is part of the main pool and has a depth of sixteen feet (4.9m). It consists of a pair of one-metre springboards, a pair of three-metre springboards, and one each of 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 metre platforms. For swimming competitions the main tank and training tank can be adjusted for either long course (50m) or short course (25m) lengths by means of a movable bulkhead.

Also located on the campus of the pool is Winnipeg’s specialized Pan Am Clinic, a surgical unit specializing in sports injuries since 1979.

The Pan Am Pool has hosted the Pan Am Games twice, in 1967 and 1999. The 1999 FINA Women’s Water Polo World Cup was held in this pool as well.

Pan Am Pool Training Facility

Cindy Klassen Recreational Complex

The newly renovated Cindy Klassen Recreational Complex contains multiple building improvements including a second storey track and fitness (weight training area) addition on the south side of the existing indoor 6 lane 25 meter pool; an enhanced, customer friendly lobby with access to all amenities; programmable space on the main floor, upgraded life-safety systems in the existing building as well as upgraded air conditioning and light control systems.

The new Complex has also become home to the relocated West End Library to be located in an addition to the south side of the existing building. The new library has over 6,000 square feet of accessible space, a collection of 30,000 items, increased computer workstations, new furnishings and shared meeting space.

Enhancements to the site have also been made as part of this project, namely six new tennis courts; baseball diamond, skateboard park, additional parking, a landscaped entrance plaza and drop-off zone, and enhanced accessibility to the facility.

Cindy Klassen Recreational Complex