Becoming involved does not mean that you have to run for Club Chair in your first year, but try to get involved in some aspect of the club. The easiest position is to sign up to be an official at the first meet. You get to enjoy the competition, meet other parents, and watch your child participate. Officiating can be fun and you can progress through the levels at a similar rate as your child.

The Manitoba Marlins Swim Club depends upon parent volunteers to run efficiently and effectively. You probably have an expertise that the Club could tap into for assistance. We welcome your participation in any capacity! Committees are always looking for additional help and support. Sign-up sheets will be available at registration, but please feel free to contact any committee heads or Board members if you would like to participate and/or assist in any of the Club activities. As your knowledge and involvement in the Club increases, we hope you will consider a Board position.

Volunteering at Meets

Parents and swimmers expect swim meets to have accurate timing and fair and equal judging for all swimmers. Accurate timing and fair and equal judging at a meet depends on having a full complement of trained officials. As a minimum, all parents should take the Timer clinic and the Stroke and Turn clinic. Swim Canada has a great article regarding officiating at meets called Introduction to Swimming Officiating.

For one session of a meet at the Pan Am pool a minimum of 42 people are required as follows (click on the link to learn more about the position):

The Manitoba Marlins club membership averages 60 families. If all families officiate in their swimmer’s session at a program meet, about 30 families are available at each session. The shortfall is made up by help from other clubs, help which is reciprocated at their meets. However, it is important to note that Swim Manitoba Parents invest large amounts of money, time and energy getting their swimmers to the pool to train. The help families need to provide the club to assure accurate timing and fair and equal judging for all swimmers is small in comparison. There are a sufficient number of tasks to accommodate everybody’s preference. Note that families include the swimmers themselves, who can time if they are not swimming and/or if their parents have other commitments.

Officiating can be a parent’s opportunity to participate in their children’s sport of swimming. There are many ways that a parent can help, and officiating certainly offers the best seat in the house. If your child or children are participating in a swim meet then your help is needed to ensure that the meet is a success. Seminars are scheduled that will prepare you to participate in different roles such as Head Timer, Head Stroke and Turn, Chief Finish Judge etc.

The Officials Chairperson co-ordinates the recruitment of officials for our meets as well as other clubs hosting meets.

Swimming requires a strong parental commitment. Manitoba Marlins’ commitment to Swim Manitoba is to make all levels of officials available at all meets. As it takes 5 to 6 years of working meets and clinics to develop a senior official, it is important for parents to continue their training. Swim Canada has published a pathway guide for officials. Training opportunities occur throughout the year with training sessions given by the Marlins, other clubs and Swim Manitoba.

The Manitoba Marlins traditionally have good volunteer participation for officiating. The Officials Manager does not enforce participation but records are kept. It has occurred in the past, when the number of swimmers wanting to join the club exceeded the number of places available, that the past participation and future commitment as volunteers were taken into consideration in accepting a swimmer into the club.

It is important to notify the Meet Manager when a commitment to volunteer as an official at a meet cannot be met, because it is very difficult to fill a vacancy at the very last minute (your tardiness will be assumed to be an absence) and insufficient officials on deck translates into inaccurate timing and unfair judging for the swimmers.

Normally, parents are contacted by the Officials Manager by e-mail or phone as soon as the swimmer’s registrations for the meet are completed. Families are contacted in a rotating order to assure equal participation of all families. Families who decline or are not present at one meet are the first called for the next meet. Policy dictates that the hosting club provides at least 50% of the officials. Therefore, all families need to officiate for the meet to be successful.

Accurate timing and fair and equal judging requires trained officials. Training sessions are provided by the club during practice hours to facilitate parents’ attendance. Dates the training sessions are set early in the fall. There will be a sign-up sheet on registration night.

Non-Meet Volunteering Opportunities

  • Welcome Back and Awards Celebration - Organizes the annual kick off and awards celebration.
  • Celebrations - Organizes social activities such as holiday parties and wind-ups .
  • Bud, Spud and Steak Fundraiser - Organizes our annual social fundraiser which normally takes place in November.
  • Officials Chair – Secures senior and minor officials for club hosted meets. Organizes training sessions for swim meet officials.
  • Volunteers Coordinator - Secures volunteers for MB Marlin hosted meets.
  • Awards - Orders and organizes the distribution of awards for Marlins hosted swim meets and annual awards celebration.
  • Hospitality - Organizes and serves food to volunteers during Marlin hosted swim meets. Also, assists with food services for Winnipeg hosted junior provincials and ManSask.
  • Board Member
  • Committee Member