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Mark Temple

Coach, ASCA-5

The Jellies are coached by Mark Temple, an ASCA Level 5 certified coach, the highest level recognized by the American Swim Coaches Association. He has been coaching high-performance swimmers and student-athletes for over 40 years, with experience leading teams in Canada and the US, teams that have competed at Worlds, Pan-Pacific Games, Nationals and six different Olympic Games.

He has also worked with plenty of everyday swimmers whose experience has ranged from the terrified nonswimmer to the lifelong fitness athlete looking for a new approach. Mark’s philosophy is that “earning” is part of “learning.” To gain new skills and to accomplish goals takes practice and commitment. With time, actual change and progress is recognized and rewarded. “Masters swimmers are fun to coach. Being adults, they have different cognitive skills and social goals than teens and children. When I see an adult overcome fear of the water, enjoy a success experience or achieve a swimming goal, even if they have been swimming for years, I get excited about it. Many of our masters must overcome old habits they learned years ago. It’s a process that every swimmer goes through, all at different paces. There is neural development that can be attained with the right practicing.”

Workouts designed by Mark build on each other in a progressive pattern from day to day, week to week and season to season. One single workout will give neural, muscular and cardiovascular challenges, but best results will come as neural development is attained. Your mind will be challenged, too, with plenty of things to think about and focus on as you swim. Mark has a keen eye for the little things about your strokes and turns that many coaches miss or ignore.

Mark also coaches the teen student-athletes of Monterey Bay Swim Club, and the Jellies often share workout time with the youngsters. Videotaping of stroke work during workouts and competitions is also available. For more information, contact [email protected] or Coach Mark at [email protected]  or  (831) 277-4667 to verify workout times and days.