Pacific Swimming



JAMM Workout Info and Registration Process:


Welcome to our swim club! Please feel free to drop in on a workout and meet our coach. We offer a free try-out for swimmers who are not yet members of US Masters Swimming. If you are currently a member or a visiting USMS swimmer wishing to drop in, simply show the coach your current USMS member card and hop in. Drop-in fee is $10.  


Workouts are held at the  Pacific Grove High School 25-meter pool Monday through Friday 5:30-7 a.m. and Saturdays 7:30- 9 a.m.


Parking is free, hot showers and lockers are right next to the pool, and we supply kick boards and pull buoys. Please bring any other swim aids you usually use. 


If you are not yet a member of but are considering joining US Masters Swimming for the first time, you are welcome to swim for up to a month to try out. 




1.  Go to the US Masters Swimming site:

Choose “JOIN.” Scroll down to “Create a New Account” and then follow directions. Our Club Abbreviation is JAMM. We are a member of the PACIFIC LMSC (Local Masters Swim Committee).


2.  Click on follow instructions to join the Masters team. Monthly fees are:  Masters Full Unlimited Workout: $110; Masters Full/Unlimited w/military discount $99; Masters Partial (swim up to 12 times a month) $73; Masters Partial w/military discount $65.


3.  For quick notices about pool or time changes or cancellations, visit and search for "JAMM" ( and again select JAMM. Then, go through the simple sign-up process and you’re all set. It’s free. 


Email our Club Contact, Sally Miller, for any further information:




Back in Switzerland, I would not miss [the chance] to thank you for the opportunity you provided for me to join a training session with Mark and the team in Monterey. Was great to get the chance and to be received so openly and warmly. The training with Mark was a great start back into training; and sprinting with a bucket is now definitely something I can erase from my bucket list ;-) Thanks to coach Mark for the good time and the great hints about how to swim. (we followed them all and had a great time!!!) 

                                                                                    — a Swiss visitor 


Thank you for letting me come by and join your group this week.  I had so much fun.  Mark is a great coach.  You truly have a gem of a program.  You have great facilities and people.  I hope to come by again next time I'm in town.                                                  — Anonymous 


Thank you for letting us crash your practice last weekend - Geoff had a FANTASTIC time, I don't quite understand this love of being in the hurt locker - but he enjoyed it and has been talking about the practice ever since. He said "We need to move here so I can do more of those practices with a coach like Mark."   So basically if you could please move to Boulder, that would make things much more convenient for me :) In all seriousness, if you know of any other REAL swim coaches in our area (even Denver?) who are legitimate, we'd love any info or referrals. Geoff generally trains with mostly triathletes - which is apparently completely different than the training you put him through - and he's CRAVING "real" swim practices. He's upped his yardage since we got back and is loving all the hours in the pool. Sean (my brother) also really enjoyed himself - and I loved watching them both suffer (and smile) Thank you again!

                                                                                    — triathlete from Denver