MBSC is a NON-PROFIT 501(c)(3) organization



All photographs must observe generally accepted standards of decency in particular:

  • Action shots should be a celebration of the sporting activity and not a sexualized image in a sporting context.
  • Action shots should not be taken or retained where the photograph reveals a torn or displaced swimsuit.
  • Photographs should not be taken from behind swimming blocks at the start of a race or exhibit a child climbing out of the swimming pool.
  • Photographs should not be taken in locker‐rooms or bathrooms.

MBSC may from time to time to take photographs of swimmers under the age of 18 that may include your child during their membership in the club. All photos will be taken and published in line with club policy (see below). The club requires parental consent to take and use photographs as per our registration agreement (see below).  This consent may be withdrawn at anytime.

  • "I hereby authorize Monterey Bay Swim Club to publish photographs taken of me or my children in association with swim club and swim lesson activities for the use of MBSC's printed publications, Facebook page and website
  • I acknowledge that since my participation in publications and websites produced by MBSC is voluntary, I will receive no financial compensation. Imay withdraw this consent at anytime in writting."