MBSC is a NON-PROFIT 501(c)(3) organization




With my payment of the swimmer registration fee entitling my designated child or children to participate in the competitive swim program of the Monterey Bay Swim Club (MBSC), I agree to abide by the regulations and policies of MBSC as set forth by the club. 
I understand that it is my responsibility to read and familiarize myself with all of the following rules and regulations as well as information contained on the club’s website. 

Specifically, I agree to adhere to the following established payment policies: 

1) Monthly Dues: Monthly dues are credited/debited from your Team Unify account on the first business day of each month as agreed to in the Payment Obligation Form. A $10 late charge will be assessed if dues are not collected within the next billing cycle. When joining MBSC after the first of the month, all fees (current month and registration fees) will be charged on the first of the following month. Thereafter MBSC will send me an email each month, by the 21st, with a link to your monthly statement detailing all charges (including dues, registration fees, swim meet fees, other team related fees, etc.). The charges will occur on the first business day of the following month. MBSC requires all accounts to have a credit/debit card set for auto payment.  Accounts past due by 60 days will be placed on suspension.  Accounts that are habitually late will be placed on suspension at 30 days past due.

2) Partial Months: MBSC does not prorate fees for partial months.

3) USA Swimming Registration Fee ($84.00): An annual USA Swimming membership registration fee is required of all team swimmers. Registration fees are per calendar year (Jan-Dec). Fees for swimmers joining MBSC in the last quarter of any calendar year will apply to the subsequent year.  Of the $84, $66 goes to USA Swimming and $18 goes to Pacific Swimming.  MBSC retains none of this fee. Beginning September 1, 2022 ALL USA Swimming Registration will be done on-line. All members, new or existing, will be required to set up a new USA Swimming account and pay directly online. New accounts will NOT be approved until USA Swimming registration has been completed online. 

4) Team Registration Fee ($100): Swimmers joining the team and returning swimmers will be charged a MBSC Team Registration fee of $100 per swimmer each year. The MBSC Team Fee for 2022/2023 includes: Team hoodie, team t-shirt, cap and our yearly MBSC equipment fee. This applies to all MPC and PGHS groups. This will be billed on the September billing statement. Carmel Valley (seasonal swimmers) will be charged a $50 Team Registration fee upon joining or restarting which will include a cap.   

Swimmers who join the team after March 1st of each year will be charged a Team Registration fee of $50 per swimmer.  This will include a MBSC cap and equipment fee.  Swimmers joining the team in July and August will be charged $25.  This will include a MBSC cap and equipment fee. MBSC registration fee is a non-refundable fee. This fee is for Sept-Aug swim season. 

5) Perpetual Swim Program: MBSC is an ongoing swim program. Membership will continue until MBSC receives a Notice of Intent to Quit email. An active swimmer does not need to register each year, but will still be billed the USA Swimming registration fee in October and Annual Team Registration Fee of $100 per swimmer in September. 

6) Withdrawal: A Notice of Intent to Quit email must be sent to MBSC via the ‘Contact Us’ button/tab on the main page of our website no later than the 15th of the month to avoid being charged for the following month. A swimmer who elects to withdraw and then return will be subject to all Team Registration fees at a rate of $100 per swimmer. There are no exceptions. Phone notification and/or verbal conversations with coaches and/or emails to other individuals are not a valid form of notification.

7) Notice of Absence: A swimmer may take a Notice of Absence for up to (4) four months at a rate of 50% of the normal monthly fees. This will hold their spot on the roster.  Volunteer hours will not be prorated. You will need to complete the full hours assigned to your family account. Notice of Absences should be sent to MBSC via the ‘Contact Us’ tab/link on the main page of the website no later than the 15th of the month. Phone notification and/or verbal conversations with coaches and/or emails to other individuals are not a valid form of notification. A complimentary one-time (per swim year) hold can be placed on accounts should a swimmer need/wish to take a break - volunteer hours will not be prorated and your spot cannot be guaranteed upon your return.

8) Volunteer Hour Requirement: Each family on the competitive team has a yearly volunteer hour requirement. (September 2022 - August 2023). All groups, with the exception of Blue Group, are considered competitive.  Any unworked volunteer hours will be billed at the rate of $50 an hour on your September 2023 bill. If you sign up for a volunteer shift at an MBSC home meet and NO SHOW you will be billed $50 per job on the following month’s invoice. If you sign up for timing shifts at an away meet and NO SHOW you will be billed $50 per shift on the following month’s invoice. Please refer to the volunteer obligation breakdown for specific hour requirements. *Hours will be adjusted should a major meet that we host be canceled.

9) Terminating Membership: MBSC reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member whose actions are considered detrimental to MBSC’s welfare as set forth in the teams policies. I agree that upon withdrawing from MBSC, our account will be paid in full prior to my swimmer’s departure from the team. 

10) MBSC Fall Break: MBSC takes an annual 1-2 week break in August.  Monthly dues are not prorated for this break. There will be optional limited swim practice offered for all groups.

11) Swimmer Pick Up: Swimmers must be picked up from practice on time. After the scheduled end of practice accounts will be charged $25 for every 15 minutes the swimmer is left unattended.

12) Designated Championship Meets: Swimmers attending any championship meet, CCJO’s and higher, will be charged a $50 flat fee per swimmer for age-group championship meets and $75 for senior championship meets. Age Group Championship meets;  CCJO’s PacSwim JOs, Winter Champs (Dec JOs), Far Westerns.  Senior Championship meets: WZ, Winter Championships (December), Sectionals, Futures and above.



ALL SWIM FAMILIES, with the exception of Blue Group are assigned volunteer hours regardless if your swimmer competes or not.  Obligation hours are assigned on a per family basis for the highest level swimmer. Families may complete their volunteer obligation at any time within the swim season (September - August) at any of the events MBSC host or co-host. The MBSC Volunteer Obligation for 2022-2023 swimming year (September 2022-August 2023) is as follows: 

Blue Group: 0 hours per year

Grey Group:  5 hours per year

White Group: 10 hours per year

Black Group:  12 hours per year

Gold Group: 14 hours per year

Senior Group: 10 hours per year

Performance Prep: 14 hours per year 

Performance A: 18 hours per year 

High Performance: 18 hours per year 

Volunteer hours may be worked at any event hosted or co-hosted by MBSC including CVAL qualifying meets in the summer, CVALS Champs in August, Race to JO’s in November (at SBA),  Race to JO’s in the Spring (at Hartnell), Zone 1 South sponsored championship meets (typically December & January) and any MBSC mini meet or/intrasquad meet held throughout the year.  *Hours will be adjusted should a major meet we host be canceled.

Additionally, hours can be earned at any community event MBSC is involved in; The Big Sur International Marathon (April) and Big Sur half-marathon (fall).  

Hours may also be earned each year by taking the Athlete Protection Training online.  2 hours for each adult in your household and 2 hours for every swimmer over the age of 12.  Please note; this can only be taken once a year and your certificate of completion must be emailed to MBSC to receive credit.  *Returning members that took this in 2022, please retake when you receive notice from USA Swimming that it is expiring and email your certificate of completion to receive hours. 

TIming at away meets does NOT count towards your volunteer obligation (with the exception of Z1S sponsored Championship meets typically  in December & January).

Non-worked volunteer hours are billed at a rate of $50 per hour.



The swimming year is broken into 4 quarters for volunteer hour billing purposes, in the event that you join or leave the club mid-year. Volunteer hours can be done at any event we host during the current season. If you leave or join the Club during the season your volunteer hours will be prorated by quarter. 

If a swimmer leaves during the season and returns, the family must complete the full volunteer requirement for the year, regardless of any time away from the program. Families withdrawing (quitting) from MBSC WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for hours not served, through the end of the quarter of their withdrawal date. IF YOU LEAVE THE CLUB BEFORE THE END OF THE SEASON ALL VOLUNTEER HOURS UNWORKED BASED ON THE QUARTER YOU LEAVE IN WILL BE BILLED IN YOUR FINAL BILL AT THE RATE OF $50.00 PER HOUR. UNWORKED VOLUNTEER OBLIGATION HOURS WILL BE BILLED AT A RATE OF $50.00 PER HOUR. 


 Volunteer Obligation Hours are assigned on the highest level of swimmer 


1) Timing is an important part of the commitment of the sport of swimming. When you enter your swimmer in a meet, you are also agreeing to time at that meet as part of the meet entry. Volunteer hours will not be awarded for timing at away meets (meets not hosted by MBSC, with the exception of Z1S ).

2) Sign-ups for timing are posted on the website approximately one-week prior to each meet. Parents are expected to sign up for one hour each day you have a swimmer competing. If you fail to show for your timing shift, you will be charged $50.00 for a NO SHOW.


ALL MEMBERS, you MUST review our USA Swimming SafeSport Policy. By registering your swimmer with MBSC you are agreeing and acknowledging this policy.