MBSC is a NON-PROFIT 501(c)(3) organization

We are accepting new swimmers. Please EMAIL US to scheudle a tryout.



Trying out is a chance for the coach to see if the prospective swimmer is ready for swim team and which level best suited for your swimmer. Your swimmer will be asked to swim 25 yards (a length of the pool) freestyle and 25 yards backstroke continuously without stopping. In addition, your swimmer will be asked to swim any other strokes with which they are familiar.

If your swimmer is transferring teams, a tryout is still necessary to guage which level best fits. Your swimmer may try out more than one group to make sure ensure the best placement. In general, if a swimmer meets partial requirements for groups, we will start in the lower group with a chance to move up quickly. We want your swimmer to be comfortable and adequately challenged.

Athlete placement into a group is based on their ability not their age. Although age is taken into consideration, the coaches are the only ones qualified to make group determination.

Please note that Monterey Bay Swim Club is a competitive swim team, practice attendance is expected. Attendance requirements differ from group to group. We will work with you to find the "right fit." Meets are encouraged but are optional. We will present frequent opportunities for your child to compete.


After your swimmer completes a try-out, you will be directed to register and the coach will assign with which swim level to register.

MBSC allows three practices over the course of a week as a trial period once their try-out is complete. If you join, your start date is retroactive to the first practice. We want you to be comfortable with your choice to join our club.

Feel free to talk with coaches and parent representatives on deck or simply stop by and observe a practice!