Maryland Swimming

Maryland Swimming


Our Vision:  To make swimming the sport of choice for Maryland.

Our Mission:  Maryland Swimming provides opportunities for athletes to participate in competitive swimming, reach their full potential,  and develop skills for life-long success.

Our Core Values:  Proactive Achievement, Respect, and Ownership.





Latest News

Ted Stevens Olympic & Amateur Sports Act Amendment Information

Update from the USA Swimming Governance Committee To Current USA Swimming Committee Members & LSC BOD, In order to comply with the updated USOPC...

By Carron Dunker

From Carron Dunker - MD Swimming Board Openings

Do you want to be part of a diverse group of people who are striving to make swimming the sport of choice in Maryland?...

By Sandy Avery

USA Swimming COVID-related precautions rules amendments extension

To: Zone Directors, LSC General Chairs, LSC permanent staff, Club Presidents, Head Coaches With the upcoming amendments to articles 202.4 and 202.6 of the...

By Anna Summerfield

USA Swimming Notes from January Monthly LSC Leaders Meeting

LSC LEADERS MONTHLY ZOOM MEETING – JANUARY 14, 2021 MEMBERSHIP Originally planning on a 62% rate of membership in 2021 Through Q4 2020, pace...

By Sandy Avery


MD Swimming Office

5620 Scott Ridge Place
Frederick, Maryland 21704

phone 410.830.0570

[email protected]

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Upcoming Events

March Board of Directors Meeting*:  Tuesday, March 9th @ 7:00pm

EZ Sectional Championships:                  March 26th-28th, 2021

     Christiansburg, Virginia

April Board of Directors Meeting*:     Tuesday, April 13th @ 7:00pm 

May House of Delegates Meeting*:     Sunday, May 23rd @ 1:00pm

Board of Directors Elections:                  Sunday, May 23rd @ 1:00pm

June Board of Directors Meeting:       Tuesday, June 15th @ 7:00pm

Olympic Trials Wave I:                                June 4th-7th, 2021

Olympic Trials Wave II:                               June 13th-20th, 2021

2021 Tokyo Olympic Games:                  July 23rd - August 8th, 2021

*For ZOOM info please contact General Chair Anna Summerfield