Maryland Swimming

Maryland Swimming


Our Vision:  To make swimming the sport of choice for Maryland.

Our Mission:  Maryland Swimming provides opportunities for athletes to participate in competitive swimming, reach their full potential, and develop skills for life-long success.

Our DE&I Mission: We need every swimmer, every coach, every volunteer, and every community member to commit to improving our diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Core Values:  Proactive Achievement, Respect, and Ownership.

Jermaine Winstead
[email protected]

Self Storage Plus
10560 Red Run Blvd
Owings Mills, MD 21117

6-7 am Tuesday & Thursday
10-11 am Monday thru Friday
9-10 pm Monday thru Friday
Flexible for most weekends after 6pm

Maryland Swimming requires the transport of all Maryland Swimming equipment in an ENCLOSED vehicle. This means that equipment may not be transported in a open truck bed. Transporting equipment in an enclosed vehicle helps maintain and extend the life of the equipment. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


  • All equipment shall be transported in an eclosed vehicle.
  • The timing console, cable harnesses, buttons, and starter are kept in large storage containers and fit in most cars.
  • The pads (60” or 72”) require a pick-up truck with a cap, or a van with the seats removed.
  • The scoreboard (8') requires a long bed pick-up truck with a cap, or a van.
  • When not in use, the pads shall be stored in the shipping/storage case used for transport.
  • Pads may not be stored lying on the face or touch-sensitive portion of the pad.
  • Pads shall be removed during warm ups and between sessions to reduce wear.
  • Pads shall not be left in vehicles when the temperature is below 32 degrees or above 135 degrees.
  • Care shall be taken to prevent the timing console from being splashed.
  • It is the host’s responsibility to mark any damaged or non working equipment and notify the Equipment Coordinator by email.
  • The host team will be charged for the repair and/or replacement of equipment that has been broken due to abuse or mishandling, and may not rent equipment again until the charge has been paid.
  • Under no circumstance can the timing equipment, the pads, or related supplies be modified without the express permission of the Equipment Coordinator.
  • Teams shall return all equipment or make arrangements with the Equipment Coordinator within 48 hours of the end of the meet.
  • Any team that fails to return equipment will be charged a retrieval fee, not to exceed $300. The team also forfeits the right to rent equipment for a period of one year.