Maryland Swimming

Maryland Swimming


Our Vision:  To make swimming the sport of choice for Maryland.

Our Mission:  Maryland Swimming provides opportunities for athletes to participate in competitive swimming, reach their full potential, and develop skills for life-long success.

Our DE&I Mission: We need every swimmer, every coach, every volunteer, and every community member to commit to improving our diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Core Values:  Proactive Achievement, Respect, and Ownership.


Certified Meet Entry Coordinators   Certified Meet Directors
Michael Bell ACA   Betsy Graham ACA
Ken DeGruchy ASC   John Murphy ASC
John Murphy ASC   Kevin Hopkins BAAC
Peter Leib BAAC   Karen Cooper-Coleman BCSC
Karen Cooper-Coleman BCSC   Jami McIntire BST
Jami McIntire BST   Brittany Thornton BST
Brittany Thornton BST   Lori McArthur CAA
Susan McDonald CAA   Susan McDonald CAA
Cathy VanNetta CAA   Cathy VanNetta CAA
Jeff Rivas CAC   Jeff Rivas CAC
Kim Beall CBAC   Michele Schmidt CAC
Clarke Nyman EST   Natika White CAC
Daniel Russell EST   Kim Beall CBAC
Carron Dunker FSC   Casey Brandt CBAC
Rob Fox FSC   Rahim Booth CSAC
Afzal Chowdhury GBSA   Ken DeGruchy EST
Melissa Williams HFY   Clarke Nyman EST
Bill Kirkner JCC   Danny Russell EST
Trevor Rill JCC   Carron Dunker FSC
Bridgette Acchione LBA   Rob Fox FSC
Keith Schertle LBA   Jeff Hiestand GTAC
Chris Kaplan MAC   Melissa Williams HFY
Meaghan King MAS   Brendan McElroy JCC
Nina Groseclose MSC   Trevor Rill JCC
Caren Gallaudet NAAC   Bridgette Acchione LBA
Tom Himes NBAC   Keith Schertle LBA
Kelli Booth RAC   Sean Mitchell MAC
Holly Bradley ROCK   Meaghan King MAS
Heather MacQuilliam ROCK   Michelle Cerney MSC
Melanie Greenhill YCM   Mike Saulo MSC
    02/16/2021   Sandy Avery NAAC
        Caren Gallaudet NAAC
        LaToya Getz NAAC
        Chris Humphreys NAAC
        Jill Mahoney NAAC
        Mark Mangold NAAC
        Scott Palmer NAAC
        John Chandler NBAC
        Tom Himes NBAC
        Will McKenna NBAC
        Frank Sorenson NBAC
        Chris Gibeau RAC
        Anna Hogue RAC
        Anna Schmeckpeper RAC
        Heather MacQuilliam ROCK
        Anne Krause SPY
        Tim Steppe SPY
        Monica Stone SPY
        Laura Dunn YCM
        Melanie Greenhill YCM