Maryland Swimming

Maryland Swimming


Our Vision:  To make swimming the sport of choice for Maryland.

Our Mission:  Maryland Swimming provides opportunities for athletes to participate in competitive swimming, reach their full potential, and develop skills for life-long success.

Our DE&I Mission: We need every swimmer, every coach, every volunteer, and every community member to commit to improving our diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Core Values:  Proactive Achievement, Respect, and Ownership.


2020-21 Maryland Swimming Board Yellow are Athletes and Blue are Coaches
General Chair Anna Summerfield
Vice Chair Wade Atkins
Secretary Margaret Bitz
Treasurer Robert Fisher
Senior Athlete Representative S. Nelson
Junior Athlete Representative G. Schmidt
Program Development Jeff Scrivener
Program Operations Cheryl Linscott
Coaches Representative Chris Kaplan
Technical Planning Co-Chairs Tom Himes
Operational Risk Chair Bill Kirkner
Officials Chair Greer Verheyen
Safe Sport Chair Tom Schmidt
Chief Financial Officer Jamie Cahn
Adapted Swimming Coordinator Andrew Barranco
Diversity Coordinator Janice Orsburn
Administrative Review Board Chair Bill Kirkner
Awards Coordinator Marci Benda
Meet Operations Carron Dunker
Club Development Coordinator Wade Atkins
Equipment Coordinator Jermaine Winstead
Hall of Fame Coordinator John Cadigan
Open Water Coordinator Fred Hviid
At Large Board Members Danny Russell
  Bridgette Acchione
At Large Athlete Board Members R. McCoy
  D. Hopkins
MDSI Committee: Athlete Volunteers:
DEI - Diversity, Equity, P.Celtnieks - LBA
and Inclusion S. Jain - FCY
  D. Hopkins - BAAC
  S. Atkins - NAAC
  K. Pressly - FCY
  Z. Nwaeze - EST
Technical Planning M. Feliz - SPRC
  D. Hopkins - BAAC
  J. Windle - YCM
  L. Golladay - SPY
  B. Wright - OPST
Officials C. Shinnick - LBA
  W. Schmidt - HFY
  L. Golladay - SPY
Safe Sport K. Pressly - FCY
  B. Wright - OPST
  B. Krasauskis - SPRC
  S. Jain - FCY
  S. Atkins - NAAC
  C. Bryant - CATY
  P.Celtnieks - LBA
  J. Pieklo - FAST
Operational Risk B. Dongorra - CATY
  E. DeMario - CCY
  B. Wright - OPST
  B.Krasauskis - SPRC
  A. Diehl - OPST
Finance and Budget J. Windle - YCM
  M. Feliz - SPRC
  B. Dongorra - CATY
Open Water  
  J. Pieklo - FAST
  G. Schmidt - CAC
  M. Trotter - CAC