Maryland Swimming


Our Vision:  To make swimming the sport of choice for Maryland.

Our Mission:  Maryland Swimming provides opportunities for athletes to participate in competitive swimming, reach their full potential, and develop skills for life-long success.

Our Core Values:  Proactive Achievement, Respect, and Ownership.



  • Annually

  • Adult Athletes 18 and older

  • All Non-Athlete Members - Coach, Official, Administrator, Other

Course Progression

  • Athlete Protection Training: SafeSport Trained Core Course 

  • Refresher 1

  • Refresher 2

  • Refresher 3

  • Do NOT take Safe Sport for Adult Athletes - this does count as the requirement for those 18 and older

Course Access 

  • SWIMS User Login

  • Education

  • Course Catalog

  • All Courses - DO NOT select Safe Sport Courses as those are for the Safe Sport Recognition Program

  • Select one of the courses listed above - based on your course progression, the next in the series is the only one shown


  • Turn off all pop-up blockers (allow pop-ups in your browser)

  • Use an updated version of Chrome or Firefox

  • Complete everything on the screen including the ⌧ to close out the screen

  • Take a screenshot of the full screen which includes date and time

  • Those with a cognitive disability can request a waiver 


  • If you do not see one of the courses listed above, submit a Help Desk Ticket

  • If you have completed the course but it has not updated to your member record

    • Select Help in the blue bar at the top right of your SWIMS User Dashboard

    • Click on Submit a Help Ticket and complete the form with as much detail as possible including your Name and Member ID and any screenshots

Download or Print a Certificate

  • Go to

  • Click on Login then forgot password

  • Enter the email address used to take the training

  • Click on the link in the email received from US Center for Safe Sport

  • Enter a password

  • Go to Login and enter username (included in the email) and your password

  • Select the Menu icon at the top right in the blue bar

  • Select Transcript

  • Select the Download button for the course certificate you want to download.

  • Click the Download icon on the top right to save a copy to your computer