Maryland Swimming


Our Vision:  To make swimming the sport of choice for Maryland.

Our Mission:  Maryland Swimming provides opportunities for athletes to participate in competitive swimming, reach their full potential, and develop skills for life-long success.

Our Core Values:  Proactive Achievement, Respect, and Ownership.



Club Delegate Type Delegate Name
ACA Athlete Delegate E. Young
ACA Coach Delegate Brad Hudak
ACA Non-Athlete Delegate Sheri Tiller
ACSS Athlete Delegate L. Pasquinelli
ACSS Coach Delegate Galen Ziegler
ACSS Non-Athlete Delegate Jason Wiggins
ASC Athlete Delegate A. Monaldo
ASC Coach Delegate Stephen Henderson
ASC Non-Athlete Delegate Lisa Gebbia
BAAC Athlete Delegate G. Olszyk
BAAC Coach Delegate Christopher Bley
BAAC Non-Athlete Delegate Melly Olszyk
BAY Athlete Delegate K. Smith
BAY Coach Delegate Jody Frey
BAY Non-Athlete Delegate Nicole Bartels
BCSC Athlete Delegate A. Joyner
BCSC Coach Delegate Benjamin Griffin
BCSC Non-Athlete Delegate Paula Davis
CAA Athlete Delegate C. MacMillan
CAA Coach Delegate Carl Barr
CAA Non-Athlete Delegate Kathy Tuckey
CAC Athlete Delegate L. Smith
CAC Coach Delegate John Beyer
CAC Non-Athlete Delegate Jana Post
CBAC Athlete Delegate R. Fairfax
CBAC Coach Delegate Joseph Wood
CBAC Non-Athlete Delegate Jeff Fairfax
CGA Athlete Delegate M . Brandenburg
CGA Coach Delegate Patrick Marshall
CGA Non-Athlete Delegate Karen Lynch
CUY Athlete Delegate  
CUY Coach Delegate Brian Dowling
CUY Non-Athlete Delegate Karen Warnick
ESA Athlete Delegate A. Saunders
ESA Coach Delegate Philip Quick
ESA Non-Athlete Delegate Kimmy Quick
EST Athlete Delegate A. Mackey
EST Coach Delegate Ben Shriner
EST Non-Athlete Delegate Greg Matanoski
FAST Athlete Delegate E. Wirth
FAST Coach Delegate Tom VanPelt
FAST Non-Athlete Delegate Sarah Wirth
FCY Athlete Delegate J. Harris
FCY Coach Delegate Becky Bostian
FCY Non-Athlete Delegate Nancy Pressly
FMSC Athlete Delegate A. M. McLeod
FMSC Coach Delegate Dionne Lisa Alford
FMSC Non-Athlete Delegate Kimberly Ann McLeod
FSC Athlete Delegate J. Fondersmith
FSC Coach Delegate Rob Fox
FSC Non-Athlete Delegate Stephanie Ramachandran
GBSA Athlete Delegate C. Biederman
GBSA Coach Delegate Patrick Underwood
GBSA Non-Athlete Delegate Shari Arciaga
GMAC Athlete Delegate M. Chen
GMAC Coach Delegate Mindy Johnson
GMAC Non-Athlete Delegate Sarah Chen
GTAC Athlete Delegate G. Sacks
GTAC Coach Delegate Alex Hanson
GTAC Non-Athlete Delegate Peter Craig
HAGY Athlete Delegate A. Kaczmark
HAGY Coach Delegate Shaun Martin
HAGY Non-Athlete Delegate Ryan Kaczmark
HAWK Athlete Delegate K. Johnston
HAWK Coach Delegate Connor Alsheimer
HAWK Non-Athlete Delegate Izumi Johnston
HFY Athlete Delegate I. Price
HFY Coach Delegate Melissa Williams
HFY Non-Athlete Delegate Robert Johnson
JCC Athlete Delegate S. Rotman
JCC Coach Delegate Brendan McElroy
JCC Non-Athlete Delegate Anna Rotman
LBA Athlete Delegate M. Saulo
LBA Coach Delegate Gordon Amato
LBA Non-Athlete Delegate Mike Saulo
MAC Athlete Delegate M. Bugg
MAC Coach Delegate Reilly Willoughby
MAC Non-Athlete Delegate Callie Gorgol
MAS Athlete Delegate M/ Waldt
MAS Coach Delegate Andrew Barranco
MAS Non-Athlete Delegate Matthew Dick
MBK Athlete Delegate N. Gurri
MBK Coach Delegate John Cadigan
MBK Non-Athlete Delegate Mary Baker
NAAC Athlete Delegate A. Superczynski
NAAC Coach Delegate Hilary Yager
NAAC Non-Athlete Delegate Jerilyn Deitch
NBAC Athlete Delegate M. Benda
NBAC Coach Delegate Tom Himes
NBAC Non-Athlete Delegate Marci Benda
OPST Athlete Delegate D. Karcheuski
OPST Coach Delegate Tosh Zeller
OPST Non-Athlete Delegate Olga Bisultanava
RAC Athlete Delegate S. Hogue
RAC Coach Delegate Sarah Adams
RAC Non-Athlete Delegate Anna Hogue
ROCK Athlete Delegate A. Barbins
ROCK Coach Delegate Cassandra Beck
ROCK Non-Athlete Delegate Kristin Wathen
SMDA Athlete Delegate E. Russell
SMDA Coach Delegate Kyle Russell
SMDA Non-Athlete Delegate Sheray Sims
SPRC Athlete Delegate M. Feliz
SPRC Coach Delegate Jim Hutcheson
SPRC Non-Athlete Delegate Sarah Feliz
SPY Athlete Delegate C. Raines
SPY Coach Delegate Crystee Ballard
SPY Non-Athlete Delegate Michael Collins
TCY Athlete Delegate M. Kroeger
TCY Coach Delegate George Higley
TCY Non-Athlete Delegate Claire Pritchett
YCM Athlete Delegate D. Doubek
YCM Coach Delegate Adam Rutz
YCM Non-Athlete Delegate Kevin Bryant