Maryland Swimming


Our Vision:  To make swimming the sport of choice for Maryland.

Our Mission:  Maryland Swimming provides opportunities for athletes to participate in competitive swimming, reach their full potential, and develop skills for life-long success.

Our Core Values:  Proactive Achievement, Respect, and Ownership.

Non-Athlete Expense Report

No payments are made to athletes. There is no reimbursement if travel and lodging are not pre-approved by the MDSI office and if reservations are not done thru the MDSI Travel Agent. There can be no exceptions. Please attach all receipts.

Request To Travel

For requests to travel on MD Swimming business. Any changes that incur an additional expense such as a change or additional collection fee, non-use of a non-refundable or non-transferable ticket, no matter the travel vendor or cause, the cost of the change, fee, or unused ticket becomes the sole responsibility of the traveler and will not be paid by Maryland Swimming.