Mission Statement

Bayside Aquatics strives to make a positive impact on the lives of its team members and to empower them to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming as well as in life. Our mission is to create a safe and positive team environment, to provide the best possible instruction at all levels within the team, to instill our core values in each athlete, and for our swimmers to grow as athletes and individuals who are able to contribute to their team, family, and community. Our goal is to provide coaches who are role models and for our athletes to learn that success is achieved through hard work and goal setting.


Bayside Aquatics strives to produce athletes with the ability to excel at all levels of competition within the sport of swimming- from novice to national. Our goal is to be recognized as a valued member of the Crofton/Bowie community.

Our Values

These are the values Bayside Aquatics strives to instill in each athlete:

Perseverance – Dedication – Sportsmanship – Respect

Confidence – Excellence – Integrity  – Responsibility