Twice a year the BAAC swim team performs a Physical Fitness Test. The first test occurs when the dome is put up in the fall and the second occurs when the dome comes down in the spring.  From our Pre-Comp swimmers all the way up to our Level IV swimmers the goal is to develop well rounded athletes out of the pool as well as in the pool. Each swimmer begins with sit-ups, then follows with push-ups, and finally a timed run.  Each exercise has an assigned point value base on the number of reps or time acheived.  As swimmers progress through each level the either the time allowed to do the sit-ups and push-ups increases or the distance of the run increases.  Please click below to see our current PFT results and also to see our club PFT records.  See if you have what it takes to break our total point records!!

Fall 2011 Results

PFT Club Records