JCC Swimming:  Club Organizational Structure and Management

JCC of Greater Baltimore

The team is owned by the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore.  The JCC of Greater Baltimore is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, which is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  (In recent years, several Swim Team parents – including current members Larry Plant, Kevin Keane, Dmitry Cherches, Vlad Volinsky and current Chair Will Minkin - serve on the Board of Directors.)  The Senior professional staff member of the JCC is its Executive Director, Barak Hermann.  The Aquatics Department is supervised by Vice President of Health & Fitness Ron Siegel.  Day-to-day management of the operations of the Swim Team is administered by the Aquatics Director, Bill Kirkner.  The Aquatics Director has responsibility for the hiring and firing of staff; for all team finances (including sponsorships and fundraising); and for the day-to-day corporate health of the team.  The team’s program is administered by the Head Coach, Brendan McElroy.  The Aquatics Coordinator for the Owings Mills Facility, Sue Szembroth, serves as the team’s Registrar, both for purposes of collecting fees, and for handling registration issues with USA Swimming.

The part-time coaches who work for the team are employees of the Aquatics Department of the JCC of Greater Baltimore.  They are managed by the Head Coach, and Supervised by the Aquatics Director.  All employees of the JCC of Greater Baltimore are given a background check upon hire, which includes submitting fingerprints.

The Associated

The JCC of Greater Baltimore is a constituent agency of The Associated Jewish Community Fund of Greater Baltimore, more commonly referred to as The Associated.  The Associated built and supports the maintenance of the facilities used by the JCC, including the pools, gyms and locker rooms used by the Swim Team.  In the last five years, The Associated has provided over a million dollars in funds to improve or upgrade aquatics facilities at the JCC of Greater Baltimore.  Without the help of The Associated, the Swim Team would not have the facilities that it uses to practice and compete.  Community donations to The Associated also help fund the team’s scholarship programs.

Thanks to its continued support, the team considers The Associated to be its primary Corporate Sponsor.  Unlike many other swim teams (or other sports teams) the Swim Team does not conduct annual fundraisers, thanks in large part to the financial support of The Associated.  During The Associated’s annual fund drive, swim team families are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED (though not required) to make some kind of contribution to the campaign.

Because of the essential financial support of The Associated, there are some limitations on the time, place, and manner, of the types of activities conducted by the team, particularly in the areas of fundraising.


JCC Swimming: Team Affiliations

CRP_Level3.jpgUSA Swimming

USA Swimming is the National Governing Body of the sport of Swimming under the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act of 1998.  JCC Swimming is registered as a “Member Team” with USA Swimming, and all swimmers participating in our winter and year-round programs are required to register as members of USA Swimming.

USA Swimming provides the authoritative rules for swimming competitions, and provides the framework of competition that leads to Olympic Trials for qualified athletes.  Swimmer registration fees pay for liability insurance for the team, and “excess accident and injury insurance” for swimmers, coaches, officials, and certain other volunteers participating in USA Swimming and team events.  In the event of an accident or injury during practice, a meet, or a team event, it is important that a Report of Occurrence form is filed out and properly filed to preserve these insurance rights.  Please check with a coach to ensure that the appropriate report has been filed.

As a member team, JCC Swimming is obliged to follow the rules and guidelines of USA Swimming, including training and background check requirements for coaches.  USA Swimming does not own or supervise the day-to-day operations of the team, nor does it control employment of team coaches or administrative staff.

JCC Swimming has achieved Level 3 in the  USA Swimming Club Recognition Program.  The Club Recognition Program is a voluntary program to recognize clubs that demonstrate a commitment to long term club growth, development and stability.

According to USA Swimming: "There are higher expectations in all areas for Level 3 clubs. For example, the club engages in review and evaluation, is actively involved in the Local Swim Committee (Maryland Swimming) and provides increased opportunities for education and involvement to assistant coaches. A Level 3 club has athletes at the Zone, Sectional or Junior National level."

Team founder Bill Kirkner was selected to sit on USA Swimming's National Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach Committee in 2011, and was appointed to Chair that Committee in 2013.

MDSwimLogo Maryland Swimming

Maryland Swimming Incorporated (Maryland Swimming) is the Local Swimming Committee (LSC) of USA Swimming responsible under the Amateur Sports Act for jurisdiction over the geographic region in which our team resides. Each year, the LSC creates and “sanctions” a calendar of meets.  The LSC provides training for coaches and certifies officials.  From our team, Bill Kirkner serves as as the LSC’s Safety Chair (and as Meet Marshal for the LSC's Championship meets) and as the Diversity/Inclusion/Outreach Diector.  He also serves as the LSC's "court," the Board of Review.  In 2014, Maryland Swimming awarded Bill their Volunteer of the Year award.  Coach Brendan McElroy has previously served on the board and as the Diversity Outreach chair of the LSC; Both Coach trevor (Safety Committee) and Coach Shawnise (Diversity/Inclusion/Outreach) serve on LSC Committees.

Each year, the team identifies at least one athlete representative, who is invited to participate in the LSC’s athlete committee.  This representative is also a voting member of the LSC’s yearly House of Delegates.

Amateur Athletic Union

Participants in our Summer Swim Team program are registered with the Amateur Athletic Union, or AAU.  The AAU provides excess Medical insurance coverage for participants in sanctioned AAU League programs, and liability coverage for the team.

Central Maryland Swim League

CMSLLogoThe JCC’s summer league team is part of the Central Maryland Swim League (CMSL.)  The CMSL is made up of over 50 teams representing almost 8000 swimmers.  The League is divided into nine divisions in the geographic area surrounding Baltimore City.  This League includes in its alumni several National (and Olympic) team members, including Michael Phelps and Mary Pelton.

The JCC joined the League as a “full member” team in 2010.  In 2011, the Barracudas were undefeated and won the Championship of Division IX. In 2012, the Barracudas moved to Divison 8 and were undefeated Champions in 2012 and 2013.  In 2014, the Barracudas moved to Division V.

Mid-Atlantic Swim League

JCCALogoThe Mid-Atlantic Swim League (MASL) is comprised of teams from local JCCs that are part of the JCC Association of North America.  As the Barracudas,the team participates in a series of dual meets with teams from other regional JCCs.  The season culminates with the League’s Individual Championships in late February or early March.  These meets are not part of USA Swimming; therefore times recorded during these meets do not get entered into the USA Swimming times database, and do not count towards qualifying for USA Swimming Championship meets. 

The Barracudas were undefeated in League competition during the 2009 – 10, 2010 – 11, 2011 - 12 seasons and 2012 - 13.  The team won the League Championship for the third time in 2012.

MASL League Standings by year:

  • 2014:  Third Place
  • 2013:  Second Place
  • 2012: First Place
  • 2011: Second Place
  • 2010: First Place 
  • 2009: Second Place
  • 2008: Second Place
  • 2007: First Place
  • 2006: Second Place
  • 2005: Third Place