JCC Swimming: Registration

Registering for the Swim Team

There are three components to registration, membership, and participation in JCC Swimming.  These are:

  1. Membership in the JCC of Greater Baltimore

  2. Pay an annual registration fee which includes a deposit payment to Meet Fee Fund

  3. Set up payment for Annual Program Fees

JCC Membership Required for All Members of JCC Swimming.

A swimmer must be a member of the JCC of Greater Baltimore in order to participate in the JCC Swimming Swim Team program. The JCC does not discriminate in membership or employment on the basis of religion, age, gender, race, or sexual orientation.  Swimmers must maintain an active, current membership with the JCC of Greater Baltimore in order to participate in the JCC Swimming Team program.  Athletes who do not maintain their membership will not be allowed to practice or participate with the team, regardless of the status of their Program Fee payments.

Baltimore JCC Member Code of Conduct

Membership in the JCC is subject to the member’s agreement to the following:

  • Members agree to respect the expression of Jewish belief and tradition.

  • The first year of membership is a one year contract, which may not be canceled.

  • Members who choose to cancel membership after one year I must give 30 days written notification.

  • Membership fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

  • When membership fees are paid monthly by credit card, membership charges will continue unless 30 days written notification of intent to cancel have been given.

  • Membership services may be modified by the JCC.

  • Members agree to carry their membership card while at the JCC.

  • The JCC reserves the ability to search person and property.

  • Regular searches of the National Sex Offender Public Registry and/or the State of Maryland Sex Offender Registry (the Registries), will be conducted for all applicants and existing members. Any person identified in the Registries shall be denied membership to the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore.

  • In the event that a member fails to abide by the rules and regulations established for the JCC by its administration, membership may be suspended or terminated.

Financial Aid for Memberships

Need-based Financial Aid is available to help defray the costs of JCC membership for families experiencing financial hardship.  Applications for these scholarships are available from the membership office. 

Annual Registration Fee: $225

The initial registration fee includes registration with USA Swimming, a $25 technology/registration fee, and a non-refundable credit of $125 towards meet fees.  For swimmers who participate in the CMSL summer league program, registration with AAU is also included.

Maryland Swimming’s Registration Fee Reduction Plan for Outreach Swimmers

USA Swimming offers a discounted registration fee for families with financial need called Outreach Membership.  If your family qualifies for the federal Free Lunch program at school, please contact the Team Registrar before paying the Annual Registration Fee.  Swimmers who qualify for Outreach membership may also be eligible for reimbursement of meet fees incurred during meets sanctioned by USA Swimming.

Maryland Swimming supports the effort of USA Swimming to expand the sport of swimming by making registration more affordable for families experiencing financial hardship through its “Outreach membership” program.

Families who are financially eligible can have their JCC Swimming Annual registration Fee reduced to only  $7 if they file the appropriate financial documentation and their application is approved by Maryland Swimming.  Please see Team Registrar Sue Szembroth for additional details.

Meet Fee Fund

Meet Fee Funding Agreement

  • The Annual Registration Fee includes a $125 credit towards entry fees for USA Swimming meets.
  • Teams that host USA Swimming meets generally charge a fee per event.  The $125 credit is expected to cover participation in approximately one session (3 or 4 events) per meet for six meets.
  • There is usually no charge for participation in JCC League dual meets. 
  • The $125 credit towards meet fees from the Annual Registration Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If a swimmer does not participate in meets, then the credit expires at the end of the season (or whenever the swimmer withdraws from the team.
  • Meet Fee Fund credits are NON-TRANSFERRABLE.  They cannot be assigned to another swimmer.
  • Once the initial $125 credit is exhausted, the swimmer is responsible for any additional incurred meet registration fees.
  • Swimmers who are not up-to-date on their Meet Fee payments will not be allowed to register for additional meets until the balance is paid.
  • Maryland Swimming provides a meet fee reimbursement programs for swimmers who qualify as Outreach Members of USA Swimming.  Please check with the Head Coach or team registrar for details.
  • Families can be billed monthly by credit card for meet fees, or can elect to pay in advance for each meet at the time of registration for the meet.

In general, families are responsible for paying for their swimmer’s Meet Fees.  These are fees that are charged by the team hosting a meet to cover the expenses of the competition.  JCC Swimming allows parents to choose which sessions of a particular meet their swimmer will attend.  Once a swimmer has committed to a meet, the fees for those events are “spent,” whether the swimmer participates or not.  (In general, it is not possible to recover meet fees from the host team once the entries for the meet have been submitted.)

Out of the $225 Annual Registration Fee, a credit of $125 will be entered in each swimmer’s Meet Fee Fund.  The coaches anticipate that this amount will be sufficient to cover participation in one session per meet for six USA Swimming meets throughout the season.  The  Meet Fee Fund charge is NONREFUNDABLE, even if the swimmer withdraws from the team before the end of the season.   If a swimmer doesn’t use their credit during the season, they lose it. Credits will not be carried over to the next swimming year.

Once the swimmer’s Meet Fee Fund is exhausted, families will receive a monthly bill for their additional fees.  These fees can either be paid by an authorized monthly charge to a credit card, or by maintaining a balance in the swimmer’s Meet Fee Fund by depositing additional funds.  Swimmers will not be allowed to register for participation in meets if their meet fee balance has not been paid.

Meet Fee Reimbursement for Outreach Members

Maryland Swimming has approved a Meet Fee Reimbursement program for swimmers who are participating as “Outreach Members.”  Under this program, the team will pay the swimmer’s meet fees “up front,” but will be eligible for reimbursement once the swimmer has successfully participated in the registered event.

Members of JCC Swimming who qualify for this program will not have a Meet Fee Fund charge assessed at the beginning of the season.  These swimmers would still be liable for charges under certain specific situations: 

  •  Some meets charge a “Meet Participation” fee.  As this fee may go to items and give-aways for the swimmers, they are not covered by the Reimbursement program. 

  •  Swimmers who register for events but fail to swim their event are not eligible to have the fees for those event reimbursed.  The swimmer will be responsible to JCC Swimming for fees for those events they miss, regardless of the reason that the swimmer missed the event.

  • The Meet Fee Reimbursement program only applies to meets in the jurisdiction of Maryland Swimming.  If swimmers participate in meets in other LSCs, they will be responsible for paying their meet fees at the time of registration for the meet.

Monthly Program Fees

  • Program fees will be charged based on the team level of the swimmer.
  • Fees are based on year-round participation.
  • The annual program fee can be paid in monthly installments.  Fees will be charged starting in September (accrued on 9/15; billed on 9/20) for a minimum of six months (Winter session only) to a maximum of ten months (Annual; last charge in July.)
  • Fees will accrue on the 15th of each month and will be billed on the 20th of each month.
  • ANNUAL FEES (10 months) paid in full by September 15 will be eligible for a 10% discount.
  • Charges can be paid monthly by credit/debit card. 
  • Fees and membership must be “current” in order for a swimmer to participate; if a swimmer is not current on their membership dues, meet fees or program fees, they will not be entered in meets until their fees are paid up.

Withdrawl for injury or illness

In the event that an athlete suffers an injury or illness that results in a healthcare provider’s prohibition against practicing or competing for a period of at least three weeks, the athlete can withdraw from their practice group (monthly fees will be suspended) without penalty.  Please bring documentation to the Aquatics Office to have the swimmer’s account placed on hold.

Welcome to our Swim Team!