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The John C. Clegg Scholarship, a fund of the Community Foundation of Howard County, awards  scholarships, to dedicated Columbia Clippers graduating from High School, for the purchase of college  text books.   
The scholarship guidelines and application are available HERE.
Scholarship FAQs
Direct link to Application Portal
Deadline to submit an application is March 4, 2021


The Scholarship depends on the generosity of the swimming community and its supporters to meet the  annual fundraising goals.  You can make gifts to the fund online by check.
Visit and clicking on the “Donate” button.
When prompted, select the John C. Clegg Scholarship Fund
By Check:
Make your check payable to “The Community Foundation of Howard County”
In the memo line include the “John Clegg Scholarship Fund”
Mail to:        The Community Foundation of Howard County
                   10440 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 230
                   Columbia , MD 20144


The John C. Clegg Scholarship was established by Ms. Eileen Clegg in memory of her late husband, John  C. Clegg, to promote the values he held dear: family, community, and education.   John C. Clegg was a devoted family man who served in the Vietnam conflict and then became an  electrical engineer and continued to serve his country in the defense industry. He resided here in  Columbia with his wife and son. John spent his summers volunteering by the pool for Columbia  Neighborhood Swim League and the Sundevils. When his son joined the Clippers, he became the  consummate volunteer there as well.  One of the many volunteer contributions he made was to create  the Clippers first web-site.


2001- Christina Gonzalez, Katie Mazzarella, Christopher Pearson, Rachel Lazarick, Kathryn Balcerzak

2002- Danny Russell, Ashley Higgs, Cindy Thompson, Allison Theus

2003- Laura Allen, Lauranne Lanz, Demithrius McHugh, Rebecca Pearl, Erica Pearson, Jennifer Prosen

2004- Laura Bell, Jeanette Braun, Christina Daly, Emily Fong, Tristen Gentile, Cori Harrison, Caitlin McGing, Kathryn Roxbury, Brett Sauers, Kristin Smith, Nicole Stanton, Lisa Thompson

2005- Eric DeMayo, Laura Gould, Shawn Klement, Jeremy Martz, Seth Murphy

2006- Jessica Krauss, Mia Bolton, Ashley Stanton, Lauren Branch, Christine Dell, Laura Leffner

2007- Jennifer Johnston, Caitlin Williams, Steven Klement

2008- Ingrid Nuttle, Erin Forest, Kimberley Mangus, Marcus Molchany, Stephen Wunsch

2009- Kelsey Smith, Nicholas Solomotis, William DeBoissiere

2010- Jimmy Forest

2011- Patrick Jongeneel, Michael Lazris, Kelsey Abernathy, Matthew Nakagama, Brian Nemsick

2012- Kevin DeBoissiere, Stephanie Foster, Alicia Frey, Jackie LaPointe, Yacine Manseur

2013- David Lazris, Victoria Radcliffe, Marlee Thorogood

2014- Bizu, Baldinazzo, Ben Costello, Julia Deluca, Sabrina Elshafei, Kellen McDonald, Jessica Qiu, Carl Vanasse, Peyton Walker

2015 - Theresa Cotter, Alex Gliese

2016 - Joseph Bensen, Kevin Costello, Isabella Lennon, Timothy May, Emma Stenoien, Savannah Windley

2017 - Alyssa VanNetta

2018 - Sarah Bridges, Adam Elshafei, Aleah Eschman, Kayla May

2020 - Ethan Fan