Clippers Swim Team

Columbia Aquatics Association

Maryland Swimming
Level 4

Swim Outlet is the providers of our team apparel and equipment.

The Swim Outlet team store will be open year round and has many exciting Clipper products for you to purchase.

Swim Suits
There is no required team practice suit. Swimmers may wear any suit they prefer. At meets swimmers should wear a black team suit with or without the CAA logo.  Swimsuit Options & Recommendations

Swim Caps
At the beginning of the season, each swimmer will receive a Clippers Latex Team Cap.  Swimmers must wear a cap if his or her hair is long enough to get in their eyes.  Swimmers may wear a cap of their choice at practices but must wear a Clippers Team Cap at meets.  

We will be taking orders for personalized latex and/or silicone swim caps in the next several weeks. Details will be available shortly.

All swimmers must have goggles at practice and at meets. It is recommended that swimmers have more than one pair of goggles in their swim bag. You can also find goggles for sale at most swim meets.

Team Apparel
At the beginning of the season, each swimmer will receive two Clippers Team Shirts.  Additional team apparel is not required to be purchased, but swimmers are required to wear team apparel at swim meets to display team pride and unity.

Training Equipment
  • All Groups - Practice suits (no board shorts or rash guards), Caps, Goggles & Water Bottle

  • See the Practice Group Descriptions page for a list of required practice equipment for each group.

Please email the Parent Board with any questions.